Monday, July 07, 2014

Elizabeth Warren 2016 – NY Post Headlines – Done Deal?

The New York Post blazed the story regarding President Obama’s choice of Elizabeth Warren for 2016 over Hillary Clinton, suggesting that sources insist that the President’s advisor, Valerie Jarrett is actively pursuing the coronation of the newly minted MA Senator, Elisabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton for the Progressive Democrats Presidential Nomination The story was written by Edward Klein, who is seen in the left circles as not reliable – unnamed sources aside, Klein wrote the book: The Truth About Hillary Clinton, and, although no one can actually substantiate fact or fiction based on hearsay, those on the left don’t care for the tome.

In order to counter the attack on Ms. Warren, or bring her out of the closet too soon, the Wire, suggests that the story is full of nonsense, especially considering the ability of Klein to tell a story that appeals. What is interesting is the fact that incorporated into the story by the wire are select “tweets” on Warren’s “American Indian” Heritage, as if to imply, picking on Warren is not appropriate.

It appears from all things Massachusetts that Warren is indeed, running for the highest office, a neophyte, not unlike the current President, also both academics and both raging Progressives. However, it is doubtful that providing a substitute for Clinton, gaffes and all, that Warren would succeed with anyone outside of the base – given this nations inability to elect a qualified woman to run the show. In 2008 the best choice was Clinton and she was thrown under the proverbial bus by progressives who preferred (in Congress, literally), to anoint Obama to the nomination, regardless of the fact that Clinton had both the popular vote and the delegates – the pulled an end run with the use of the Super Delegates – and the rest is miserable history.

Therefore in summary, although Klein may use “sources” and sensationalize a bit here and there, it would not surprise if Warren beefs up during the next year, pumps up the base and moves promptly to the middle – softens her image, and reminds everyone that will listen that she is more independent, having been a Republican in a previous life.

While Rome’s borders are burning (see Texas, Arizona and California), the fiddler may well be choosing the next successor to the Progressive policies that are destroying the nation. Of course, many will suggest that the rush on the border, like so many of the other “surprises” that have seems to assail this administration are premeditated, it is precisely the lack of experience coming from an academic with theoretical governing credentials that caused this entire debacle in the first place. If Warren were a man, truly, the nation would go on for round two, and as much as a qualified female would be this bloggers preference for the head office, that criteria is not present in Warren, as an academic and a one half term Senator from the State of Massachusetts.

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