Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rand Paul pulls Away in Polling – Tops GOP Charts – Hillary Trumps Lackluster Dem Field.

Forbesreporting on the last Zogby Poll, shows Rand Paul (R-KY), pulling away from the establishment candidates (Bush, Christie) by a larger margin than previously seen. Paul received 20%, while the next 2016 potentials placed at 13%. (Forbes)

Obviously it is far too early to place any bets on who might or might not have the nomination, or even be running for the nomination until after the 2014 mid-terms, that said, what stunned Forbes in their analysis of the poll data was the fact that Paul topped the charts with less “name” recognition than the other “establishment” candidates. It is not surprising given the amount of press Paul has gendered and his popularity across multiple demographics.

On the Democrat side, Clinton buries the competition, which doesn’t say much given the lackluster bunch of Democrats that are being put forth. Name recognition may be the albatross in the next two election cycles, which leaves the door wide open at this point.

An interesting tidbit: the signers of the Declaration of Independence were a rather youthful group – given that Franklin at 73 was the oldest, Washington at 43, and Jefferson a 33 were what may be considered middle age, and the youngest was 26. Occupations also varied, from ministers, to lawyers. The document suggested that the individual was a representative of the people, rather than of the government. There was an abhorrence of all things monarchial – go figure – dynasties were considered to be less than desirable.(

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