Monday, December 09, 2013

Ted Cruz speaks to personal beliefs, takes heat – Texas Editorial bemoans competition from the “right”.

Senator, Ted Cruz, on the passing of Nelson Mandela was respectful, and spoke to the true measure of the man and his struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa -for which he apparently took some heat from Tea Party activists who are fans on Facebook. Cruz, along with a contingent of 20 Democrats, will be going to South Africa to say farewell to Mandela. (CNN). Understanding that there are those who we may be in political disagreement with on some points, the fact that he man himself, was fighting diligently for his people, at great personal risk, and succeeded in ending a system that was so far from equitable, speaks to his measure- rather than any Communist trends that he may have adhered to. The problem with the right, as with the left, is those members of both sides that allow for no compromise, regardless of any situation. Good for Cruz for showing understanding.

In Texas, as elsewhere in the nation, there are multiple challengers to incumbents, and that has two of the Dallas Morning News crew with their panties in a bunch Although placed under “Political News”, it is truly editorial in format, suggesting that challengers to Congressional offices, from the Tea Party or far right, should not be taking place, as these individual s have “no experience”, at all. Funny how both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat value “experience” in Washington which was not the general intent of the founders. The general intent for the House specifically, was to have a multiple of individuals serve, be they merchants, farmers or doctors of the day, when the term was up – they returned home, and someone else took their place. Additionally Congress was only in session for a few months (another plus in the past). Forgetting a moment that the challenger offers no experience, what they do offer, is a choice for the voter. The problem with having choices is that one might choose someone not to the liking of the two over at the Dallas Morning News. They, along with others in the industry and in politics may be in for a bigger shock than expected when the dust settles in 2014.

The anti-incumbent sentiment has grown, and for both sides of the aisle, so one might anticipate should this hold (and since Congress nor the Senate, show any signs whatsoever of changing their ways), the 2014 elections may turn into a free-for-all. By that, one might anticipate changes to the right, center and yes, far left, in all forms, in all districts. It is the distastes for all things Washington that has produced an opportunity for those who have never served, to go to D.C and put in their two cents.

If one thought the 2010 elections were specifically historical – then one might want to hold that thought for something that in theory and perhaps in practice, may trounce the records.

With the news holding slightly better approval ratings that said Congress, one might wonder if media news, as well as celebrity, etc., would hold any sway for a very angry and disgusted group of Americans – the Voters. It will be interesting to say the least.

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