Friday, December 06, 2013

Can there possibly be a power shift in the Senate in the 2014 midterms – Absolutely.

Politico has suggested that the GOPis targeting several states, both “blue “and “purple” in an effort to regain control of the Senate – they rank these specific races all but “mission impossible”. The efforts of some to tie the fate of the Democrats to that of the President and the especially unpopular Obama Care program is one that is one somewhat firm ground, however, there just maybe another reason why the balance of power will shift, having a small percentile hinging on the President himself, and the balance – a general distaste by the voting public for the current crop of politicians residing in Washington.

A recent Pew poll suggests that the younger generation, those 18 to 29 year olds, have soured on the President, and although it is written as if it is a personal issue with President Obama, it is more than likely that the rank and file “masses” (to use Progressive Speak) have learned to see the forest through the trees as regards to policies that work, politician’s that make promises they don’t keep, and generally a need to change – everything. It is the Progressive (or far left) policies, just as it is the Far Right policies that turn the general populace away – and in this case, there may be heck to pay on both sides of the aisle. What is being suggested is that no one Senator or Congressional Representative is truly “safe”, especially in those blue and purple states. It is the fact that an entire generation has lost the opportunity they were promised, and they are not alone. Those that are in or nearing retirement are not enamored of either “brand” of politician; there isn’t an age demographic in any recent polling that suggests anything other than contempt for the government.

The question is; what happens in 2014? One might suggest that it is going to be a free-for-all, regardless of billions spent, or where the challenger is on the political spectrum, the incumbent should not get too cozy or comfortable should this trend continue.

Should this occur, anticipate new voice in both halls of Congress, along with those standard “Party Bearers, be they Socialist, Communist, Tea Party, Independent, Left, Right or Center, the net effect would be a Congress and Senate that would most closely resemble the founders vision of government, or a complete break of the political party system. Which sounds a bit far-fetched, as it should, sound logic dictates that those with the most cash and the most personality will surely sway the electorate – but what if?

On the November day in 2014, those going to the polls decided to do the unthinkable, vote for anyone that was not an incumbent. It might be the high cost of living, specifically in blue states where taxes are a driving factor, or something as banal as a general distrust of the government which has Congress seeing approval ratings that are almost in minus territory. When the dust settles, one might find the status quo intact, or the Congresses radically changed. A radical change would be a combination of the two major parties, holding some majority, with new elected officials that hold both right, left and center viewpoints – which, contrary to the current shift where party liens dictate movement of legislation, there would be a set of “brokers” in their midst that would, regardless of “sides” shake it up a bit and get things done.

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