Monday, December 02, 2013

Massachusetts - Obama Care Hikes in Employer Premiums – Businesses Hold Breath for 2014 – MA Health Care Connector (Formerly Romney Care) Uses Community Organizers to Canvas Prior to Election Spends Federal Obama Care Grants

Massachusetts businesses are growing increasingly concerned about the erratic premium increases due to Obama Care mandates according to the The Springfield Republican (Masslive) Apparently, some will find no increases, while others will find increases up to 50% - forcing small businesses to drop coverage, according to the article.

Over at Red Mass Group – it has been discovered that the Health Care Connector is using Federal Obama Care grants to fund Community Organizer Groups to “educate” the public – prior to a statewide election – they knocked on doors. Apparently, paying organizers to solicit votes prior to an election using Federal Funds is raising a few eyebrows (Red Mass Group)

What on earth did they expect? Massachusetts has consistently voted a more progressive Democrat track in the past 10 years, and therefore, the writing should be on the wall. Romney Care was far from perfect with many families opting to pay fees rather than buy the pricey Health Care Connector (Romney Care) insurance – however, with some of the highest premiums in the country, one might not have considered it could get any worse – apparently, Romney Care is not Obama Care or Obama Care is Romney Care on steroids.

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