Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rand Paul on Economic Freedom and Blind Justice – In Detroit – Is it Acceptable for a “Republican” to Want to Help All Americans? Only If One is the Opposition Political Party.

Rand Paul is an interesting character in the grander scheme of politics – being a Libertarian in Republican’s clothing. Although there is a claim to kinship between the two political parties, it is the slimmest of such, given the ideology of the Libertarian is based on the individual freedoms of the people, rather than big government, while Republican’s, as they stand today, appear to be more interested in being “liked” or “moderate”. Rand Paul, like a very few others in the Senate and the House are polar opposites of the usual politician, as they tend to make remarks, or hold personal beliefs that may or may not resonate with their “base”, or their “peers” – more outcast, cowboy – or more Libertarian. That said, he and a few others, are doing their darndest to bring the Republican Party back to the roots of the 1860’s, when the Democrats where slaveholders and the Republicans’ were freedom fighters. It is not that a great deal has changed ideologically, it is the messaging that has changed, and the general dummying down of the public by a barrage of anti-Republican, pro-Democrat education and entertainment aimed 24/7 at the “masses” is a tough firewall to breach. They are taking on the task anyhow.

Therefore, when the Senator from Kentucky goes to Detroit to try to do something to haul that desolate and blighted city out of the muck and mire the Press and the opposition party (Democrats) tend to suggest he has motive, a lot of nerve, or is just “too Republican”(MLive). The problem with that reaction is that it appears to be saying to the people of Detroit and the Nation that anyone who has the “label” Republican, is now allowed to help or try to suggest options, as that particular piece of land and all the people living therein – belong to the Democrat Party. It doesn’t matter if one agrees or disagrees with the ideas of aforementioned Senator Paul; they are simply unacceptable out of the gate.

When the Senator suggested The justice system may not treat minorities in Detroit the same as the say the “rest of us”, - of course, it is with the Republican brand that he is cloaked in – regardless of the fact that he is looking at outreach on Democrat Holy turf, being a Republican, his ideas, and the Party in general should be given the opportunity and the respect due for even attempting to do something to life a city so desolate, out of the ashes. (Los Angeles Times)

Here is the question the people in Detroit should be asking – How can that Senator from Kentucky help us, when the Democrats have done nothing to improve our economic situation?

They could take it a step further and ask why the Democrats think they “own” them.

But that would bring up the whole messy, economic slavery, as opposed to physical slavery that the Party of the KKK has so deftly managed to continue through entitlement programs and a very large blind eye – as long as they get a return of votes, there is nothing to see.

What if that Senator from Kentucky really means what he says, both personally and politically – would not that be a shocker?

What if a life-long Democrat Voter, living in poverty, wanting something better, a helping hand upward, actually voted for that Kentucky Republican Senator, Rand Paul, in 2016? That’s the question that must concern those Democrats and their sycophants in the media, but only slightly. They need only look to the sheep in Massachusetts or Illinois, or any other state in decline, to understand the herd mentality of the Political Party slave. It’s a hard step to take to become an Independent voter – one who pulls the lever for the person they feel will actually do the right job, rather than the D or R because they feel….enslaved to the brand. One can only hope that the Senator, should he decide to run for President in 2016, succeed in his endeavors.

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