Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby its Cold Outside – Suddenly “Global Cooling” surfaces

The 1950's saw a bit of snow in the northeast - image from

In the good old days, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, one did not yet know there was global cooling or global warming – it was either cold with snow one could wade through up to one’s neck, or blistering hot, so much that the greenish/purple river looked like a good place to take a dip. Fast forward to the 1970’s where it was certain the word was entering a second ice age, that school of thought lasted until it determined the earth had begun to warm – and the global warming trend began.

What we can understand, from a non-scientific point of view, is that there are elements that man has introduced to the earth which would cause havoc with the climate. Take China for example, when it is dry, they create “rain” so much that it apparently causes quite a rift internally at times BBC. That said, when one hears of artificial rain (cloud seeding) in China, one can almost bet there will be some sort of weather occurrence elsewhere – it is either coincidence or nature’s way of getting even. Man has introduced chemicals into the environment that have poisoned by the air, water, flora and fauna, even though there are regulations in place in developed nations, some turn a blind eye in order to continue manufacturing rather cheaply.

As one sits in New England wondering where the nice warm weather is – while it is an unusually cold week, feeling more like February than December, it is not without some interest that one finds an old article on global cooling ”Global Cooling the New Norm (courtesy of Steven Goddard at wordpress.

Blaming weather disasters of warming or cooling of global proportions may help some deal with weather occurrences that have been taking place since time began – hwoever, there are these cyclical weather patterns that develop and last – years!

However, if one caulks’ up the entire warming and cooling of the earth and the subsequent disasters that occur that are weather related to “historical trends”, then one cannot study, or promote products that would save one from either too much heat or too much cold.

That’s where science and the Al Gore’s of the world appear to fit in- profitably one might add.

Jaded, absolutely, however, one thing is fairly clear, weather patterns have existed over era’s, both cooling and warming, but man has stuck their finger in the perfect pie of client by introducing chemical components, and that is undisputable, yet cause and effect can be both local and global. It it’s not just corporations but corporate Governments responsible for this phenomenon – and until one can figure out a way to keep both of the aforementioned in check, then the atmosphere will remain tenable.

In the meantime, let it snow, or warm, as the trend may dictate.

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