Monday, November 04, 2013

National GOP Looks Towards “Moderates” – Again – Obama Approval Falling – the Partisan Fight for the Soul of America.

They are at it again, conservative members or those who identify with the Republican Party, may be, once again, sadly disappointed at the Beltway’s choices for the 2016 Nomination. In a recent interview former 2012 Presidential GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, laid out some “suitable “names as candidates for the GOP –including Jeb Bush, but especially New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie (Huffington Post). Understanding that Gov. Romney knows how to run a business, and get elected to an extremely liberal minded state, does not make him eligible to name candidates that would be acceptable to run for the Presidency – there are obvious reasons. For more obvious reasons, he did not mention the name of Ted Cruz as one of those contenders (Huffington Post) – perhaps it was an oversight or more probably due to the fact that Cruz is an actual – conservative (or otherwise known as the hard-right-tea-party type). Romney it appears, is now the front man for the National GOP – slamming the President for Obama care this past week – which would have all been fine, had it not been for the kettle calling the pot black system, considering Romney Care leaves lot to be desired. Perhaps the roll out went smoothly enough – but there are unreported families not enjoying health care and paying the penalty to the Mass DOR, limited choice for doctors and yes, high insurance premiums. –

To the Nation – Welcome to Massachusetts.

On the theme of “denial”, Gallup is showing the President’s approval ratings taking the plunge as daily tracking shows it had fell to 40% approval in the period ending November 2, 2013. Perhaps it was that nagging question of whether or not he either lied about, or just was not aware of the fact that individuals (93,000,000 of them – that’s 93 Million) would lose their health insurance and might not be able to keep their doctors. The Wall Street Journal interview with one man who is trying to stay alive (gall bladder cancer), and has lost health insurance as well as access to his doctors speaks to the matter quite eloquently (Wall Street Journal).

Therefore, the President either lied or is clearly clueless, and that goes for any number of instances that have caused the proverbial poop to hit the fan in recent years. Either scenario is not appealing to the general public, but, the public is increasingly aware.

White the media scrambles to excuse, they still have to have a connection with what’s left of their subscribers and/or viewers – a perfect example is the USA Today editorial where they headlineObamacare's critics justified: Our view”.

Even the Kingmaker, otherwise known as Advisor and Campaign Manager to the President (and other Progressives, with little time in government that either hold or may hold a political office) got a round of “tough” questions as he Faced semi-hostile journalist on “Meet the Press. (Politico) The question of whether the President knew or not that the American Public would lose their health insurance. The key word not for plans of choice by the Public that are being cancelled and revamped to meet Obama Care standards is – substandard. Apparently, the substandard plans may not have all the mandates attached to the law by the carrier. Some may attach them and one will see increases of 400% or, they may just drop them entirely and take the first road out of Dodge.

The entire bill is a house of cards for the Democrats, as well as those moderate GOP members who supported it and slammed those who did not. It is – in essence a disaster, that is bringing attention to other disasters that had previously been swept under the rug – Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS Targeting, et al.

It does not bode well for those who have that stamp of moderate or Progressive as the nation heads into the 2014 election – So bent out of shape are the General Public, the chances of those who hold office, from any party, maintaining that office is growing slimmer by the day. Watch local elections to see how incumbents fare.

Lastly, one get’s the final impression that Justice Roberts, in allowing the “tax” ruling on the program, which allowed the program to go forward, has the disaster in mind from the get-go. If he had struck the bill down, the Democrats would have had a leg to stand and campaign on – by letting it live and then die a grizzly death (along with American’s who critically need coverage), he insured the demise of those less than Conservative law makers. That’s hypothesis mind you, but it underscores the premise of hyper-partisanship that is – DC.

How this all plays out in the coming months – going into the November elections and the 2014 mid-terms, is going to be of grand interest to those who watch political ideologies change in the minds of the general public.

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