Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Heading into the Mid-Terms, 2013 City and State Elections send confusing signals to those that rely on polling and national Political Parties. – The rise of the Anti-Incumbent Voter

There is an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times this morning worthy of a read - 'Battle is not over' after a close Virginia governor's race” speaks to the very close call between two opposing ideologies, one Democrat and one Tea Party – The Republican Candidate – was, in reality, Tea Party, and nothing made that more clear than the National GOP jumping in far too late in the game, with little cash to back up the campaign, in a last effort ditch to save “face” (See Red State) – Yet with no support, (from the RNC) this Tea Party insurgent came within a hair’s breath of winning the Governors seat, and not against any candidate, but against, a long entrenched political hack, who was heavily financed, and included support of the President and Vice President – as a Democrat, that win translates into a victory, but…not a resounding victory. Cuccinelli did what he could, but one can bet the house that future races similar in nature will see little asking or accepting of help in any form of the national GOP.

Things to consider regarding this national race: Tea Party Candidate is not saying he is not a Tea Party Candidate – in Virginia which is a purple state at best, not red/not blue – and he performed well, and possibly without the “help” of the national GOP would have won outright.

It was a race that both men ran as non-incumbents, another plus for McAuliffe. There are many former mayors this morning, as well as City Councilors and so on, and that was because they were – the incumbent. It would behoove anyone who is even remotely thinking of a run in the mid-terms or 2016 to distance themselves from major parties – politely – or if they do run, admit they are doing it for the right reason, to get their help – but again, does anyone really want the help of those who can’t get one elected, unless by default (See McAuliffe).

On the local level, those of us watching popular Democrat Mayors of larger Massachusetts cities, lose, outright, not because they did not perform well, but because they were seen as an incumbent – bring in Republican mayors, something unthinkable – there was the reverse as well, where Democrats upset Republicans’ – the mood – throw out anyone who was an incumbent, unless of course, one had no choice!

If either major party has any smarts, they might want to analyze these local election – it’s telling – and apparently throwing millions and presidents at a race, buys one a nail biter – This looks like a change o guard in 2014. – Those voters did not care which party got the boot – they were booting both.

As to Chris Christie’s return to the Governor’s office in New Jersey-= yes, that was a given, he is popular in NJ primarily because he can claim to be a Republican, but at the same time, act like a Democrat – he’s either a hybrid or disingenuous – but its Jersey Politics. As to the GOP push for Christie as a Presidential Candidate – if one put him up against, Elizabeth (Hiawatha) Warren, a single term Senate Seat warmer, in the mold of Barack Obama, she would win.

Therefore, the Patriots in this nation need to learn how to outsmart those bozo’s at the RNC and the DNC, and take it to the people.

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