Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dem Dilemma – 2014 Looms with Obama Care (Affordable Health Care Act) – 15 Senate Seats that May be Lost before the Campaigns begin.

Image: Woman in CA who has lost insurance policy – she can no longer keep her insurance and must choose between a primary care provider and/or the Cancer doctors who can keep her alive Full story HERE at New York Daily News

As the nation begins to realize that some insurance carriers are dropping coverage, and coverage that is not substandard, and that the administration and those in the know (Congress/Senate) were aware this would take plan 3 years ago, nervous Democrats are reaching out to the White House for reassurance that all will be well – the main focus being the website – rather than a host of other issues from Obama Care plans that will lack comprehensive coverage of both doctors and/or hospitals one might currently use, or the 93,000,000 people who may be out of an insurance policy and forced into the exchanges. (Los Angeles Times).

It is not those Democrats alone who appear to be in a bit of a pickle, as both the President’s and the Congresses approval ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic, anyone who supported or signed onto the bill (See Moderate Republican) are most likely going to lose their jobs as the public becomes more aware of the fiasco that is – Obama Care (or Romney Care on steroids). An anti-incumbency sentiment is growing at a rapid rate according to ABC News reporting on polling by (Poll data here) by ABC/Washington Post released on October 22.

One can imagine that since that date, that sentiment has grown. Consider the VA Governor’s race, where the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe with a double digit lead, ended up winning in a squeaker after help on the trail from Obama and Biden. The National RNC, of course, were not about to help a “Tea Party Candidate” and came up a day late and several dollars short – otherwise, Cuccinelli would be the Govenor of Virginia today.

Elsewhere in City and State Elections, Incumbents lost regardless of Political Party (two parties in total – Republican and Democrat) – it was not an across the board sweep – but there will be new mayors in Western Massachusetts, regardless of how “popular” an individual may have been or how “competent” (See Results here at Generally, in Western Massachusetts, one might see the Democrats win hands down regardless of a race, or on the local level, political affiliation is not that critical, and therefore, it’s more about being familiar with the “name” – enter the voter who is “mad as hell” and already talking about and acutely aware of 2014 and 2016.

Massachusetts is not the rest of the nation, however, as sold blue and reliable as it is, this also played out across nearby states.

Now, the President’s low approval ratings (39) are being blamed (one might think sarcastically) on Congress suggesting the shut down, etc. and Congresses low approval was somehow engineered by the Republicans (also in the single digit)who will certainly win re-election and control of the house.. One might argue that those Republicans, especially in the Senate, are in as much trouble as the Democrats running to the White House for Reassurance from a President who lied outright to the public upwards to 30 times regarding the ability to keep one’s insurance policy. Seriously, these are supposed to be smart people in the Senate.

One who is politically in tune to the changes in sentiment taking place on the ground (including the “low-information” voter) understands there are opportunities at hand for a serious shift in the political landscape of both major parties.

Ted Cruz will be appearing on the tonight show on the 8th of November, set the dvr, or you will miss the new face of political think and possibly with a major upset in 2014 should Obama care not be revised dramatically (allowing individuals to purchase insurance from private carriers across state lines, with no mandatory insurance purchases required – two suggestions) – You might be seeing the next Senate Majority Leader or as some who hope the next President of the USA.

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