Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Ted Cruz Running for President 2016?

Ted Cruz in Iowa, image Huffington Post.

One has to merely read a headline to be under the impression that Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas is running for President in 2016. If one were to consider the field of candidates that has yet to be formed and is based purely on speculation (given where individuals choose to speak and to whom), then it makes sense to project a Cruz 2016 run. For example, his strong showing at the Values Voter’s summit straw poll, would suggest that he is indeed positioning. (CNN) The value placed on straw polls every general election cycle generally equates to investing in U.S. made Twinkies, given the number of straw poll winners who have not even made it out of the box (so to speak).

That said, a nod by the group of evangelicals would suggest an acceptance of Cruz and his principals, and should he decide to run, that fraction of the party amount to upwards of 20 million votes. Those are the voters, the evangelicals and certain tea party principals, who would not cast a vote merely because someone is branded a Republican (See Mitt Romney).

That said, the mere straw poll and acceptance by any given group does not indicate a run. Neither does visiting Iowa apparently, where Ted Cruz did appear at the Republican strongholds, including a Pheasant Hunt, this past weekend. The headlines screamed that surely this Ted Cruz Tea Party crazy person was going to run for President, however, if one reads the Des Moines Register article, entitled (of course): Le Mars welcomes Ted Cruz, possible 2016 run for president, with subtitle: But others protest the visit, calling the senator and Steve King 'crazy.', one finds that the story does its intended job – continues to fuel the speculation of a Cruz run, by demeaning him and other Tea Party members in the same breath. In the article, one has to read through to the bitter end where Cruz suggests:

But Cruz dismissed speculation about the 2016 presidential race after his speech. Just before getting into a car en route to the airport, Cruz told The Des Moines Register, “It is a tremendous honor to be here. The reception has been very warm, very encouraging, and my focus is on the substance of the battles that we have right now — to bring back jobs and economic growth. And right now the U.S. Senate is the battlefield. So 100 percent of my focus right now is on the U.S. Senate because that’s where these fights are being fought right now.

Since no-one on this earth knows what the wily Ted Cruz is thinking, then one might want to take the Senator at his word. Securing the Senate, with like minded conservatives would do two things: one with the current state of affairs it would ensure that the house and the Senate will be simpatico by 2016, second, should that occur, it would require a strong and steady hand at the helm of the Senate –and one can see Cruz as the Anti-Reid.

It is merely – speculation, however, as there are more than enough “potential candidates” as it is, and control of that body would ensure at least passage of land or votes on any number of bills that Harry Reid, the current majority leader of the Senate – blocks on a daily basis.

Of course, as that’s speculation, turning the Presidential Candidate speculation once again, it is not without note that Rick Santorum, who ran in 2012, and was trounced by Romney to finish a strong second, is suggesting on Sunday talk shows that “Cruz did more Harm than Good! (Politico). Of course, one might realize that this is the very same Santorum who was tutored by Newt Gingrich in the House that shut down the government – for real.

Now what?

Looking for the usual from the national GOP – one has to factor in the “next guy’s turn” theory as to who may or may not get the nod from the power brokers as their candidate of choice in 2016. Usually that’s the guy who ran in the last general election, got second place to some other “next guy”, and is put up to the general public as some sort of “booby prize” Given circumstance, and forgoing some of Rick Santorum’s ,more Catholic craziness (or to the point, being a Catholic, which is today’s American counts as being crazy – maybe not as crazy as the Tea Party, but close), he might, if he moves center left (also known as moderate), just get the nod.

Who would Santorum face if that were to be the disastrous outcome? – Hilly Clinton perhaps? That is what is being touted now – a Clinton Candidacy – she’s even got George Soros at her back – yet…something just doesn’t feel right. There’s also that usual Progressive in the wings – that newest member of the Senate – the Senator from Massachusetts – Elizabeth Warren. With the Democrats, now more than ever, one cannot tell who is going to get the nod until they meet in Convention and throw the popular vote (in the Democrat Primary) and give the nod through super delegates (members of the Senate, Congress, their children, etc.) to someone other than the actual winner.

It is, therefore, a mystery at best at this point, as to who will be putting themselves up to roast by the media on the Republican side of the aisle, given a nod by the brain trust in DC (otherwise known as the RNC), and who knows what the DNC will throw at the general public this time around. One might see the dust settle a bit next year when the candidates begin to round up their staff’s, make multiple trips in their own name and vigorously tell the media – yes! I’m running for President!

As to Cruz, the media is putting a great deal of time into doing, what they perceive as damage, by demeaning, and demagoguing the man to pieces – yet that somehow translates into endearment by the base – should he, indeed decide to run, (which given the time the media is putting into his future plans), then one would think he should be well positioned – perhaps even well-position enough to roll over the usual “booby prize” – no shrinking violet with the press, one gets the impression that, if this does become the case, he would be a threat to all that is progressive, and possibly win hands down.

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