Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Did the President Lie About Obama Care – The Affordable Health Care Act? If He Did Lie, Who Else Knew That You Could Not Keep Your Plan or Doctor?

The South Florida Sun Sentinel asks the question this morning: “Did Obama Blatantly Lie About Keeping Your Doctor Under Obama Care?” – and the answer from the paper’s, Gary Stein, is a resounding – yes.. One might also turn to the national NBC News article where it is revealed that the administration knew “millions could not keep their health insurance” – for three years prior to its implementation.” For those who understand the President has said, on numerous occasions, that one would not lose their insurance plan nor their doctor, it does appear as if he did, indeed, lie to the American People, however, the question should be asked: “Who else knew that one might not keep their insurance plan, or that their doctor was not about to accept patients under Obama Care? “: -

That answer is: every Congressional Representative, and every Senator – they had the bill, they had oodles of time to read the bill and should have been screaming from the rooftops in each and every hamlet that this plan was going to tug at the emotions, finances and general trust in government by those millions and millions who now find that they are losing both.

As the President’s team starts to go into “damage control”, the line is that one might not keep their “sub-standard” plan. The term sub-standard applies to any plan that does not meet the minimum requirements of additional mandates added to the program. For example, living in Massachusetts under “Romney Care”, one is obliged to carry infertility benefits in their plan, regardless of gender or age. The reason: the increase in insurance premiums that are collected by the insurance carriers (big business), on plans for individuals who do not need the coverage, pays for those who do! Some of the benefits mandated may seem medically unnecessary – however, in an attempt to please everyone, those who are socially liberal will mandate just about anything imaginable. – It is simply not fair. The nations workers already pay taxes for Medicaid – which is for coverage of those who cannot afford it, this type of mandate becomes a second or hidden tax.

Every single one of those Senators and Congressmen and women who supported this bill, or who allowed it to go through the last budget standoff (otherwise known as the government shut-down) knew about this – Those who were screaming to Defund Obama Care knew about it – Ted Cruz warned, Mike Lee warned, and their “Tea Party” crazy friends and allies – they knew too – they just wanted to let the America People know.

Now we know.

Did we expect a President to lie to the American People? If the answer to that is no, then one has a short memory – or has no reference in history. Nixon famously said “I am not a crook”, Bill Clinton “Did not have sexual intercourse with that woman”, Republican and Democrat alike, they both lied to the public. They both were chastised; Nixon resigned in disgrace and Bill Clinton was impeached, but forgiven in the long run. Assuming that all things are equal, then one would understand that this should be an impeachable offence, however, one would have to impeach: Harry Reid, Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Congresswoman from San Francisco’s district, John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House, John McCain, former Republican Presidential Candidate, and so on and so on.

Since that’s not quite possible, one might also take their angst out at the voting booth – One might ask the important question of their Congressman or Senator, or Presidential Candidate, if they voted for either Obama Care outright, or if they voted to fund the government, and then Obama Care – if the answer is yea, then vote for the other candidate, Republican or Democrat, Tea Party or Progressive, Independent or Green Party – replace the incumbent who knew exactly what they were doing to a huge segment of the American People.

One cannot vote President Obama out of office, he’s a “lame duck” or in his final term and cannot run again (regardless of the conspiracy theorists). He may lose the trust of the American People (some of them) – but vote for the individual who might have wanted to fix the plan, start over and keep segments in place, but not fund the darn thing. Those that think that Ted Cruz was wrong to point out that the plan was a problem for millions, like potential 2016 presidential candidate and former 2012 Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum, or Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA who clearly voted to fund the program, or anyone of their ilk, should not be given a glance – it should be the individuals who stood to uphold the Constitution, those crazy people who would rather have millions enjoy the freedom to choose their own plans, while funding a plan for those who could not afford one – a system that is already in place.

The media is already being clearly careful in its reporting on the issues (See the analysis here by Reuters this morning. Therefore, which suggests thousands might be affected, rather than millions, but does it really matter? It was the fact that from the President on down, throughout the hallowed halls of the Senate and the Congress, they knew – and they all lied to the public.

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