Tuesday, October 29, 2013

US Chamber of Commerce - Washington Lobbyist Team with GOP to Unseat Tea Party – The changing of the Party Guard.

Inside the beltway of Washington D.C. are those who make up the government, the elected officials and the lobbyists/special interest groups who determine legislation, regardless of the impact it may have on the nation. It is a way of doing business that has developed, one which can change the tone of political discourse in a heartbeat, given the right amount of cash. Lately, the exploration of a need for a third political party to end the apparent stalemate in D.C. has put those lobbyist in the driver’s seat on edge, so much so that one particular group has decided to invest in a strategy with the national GOP to stop those who would be more constitutionally prone – the Tea Party.

An AP article in the Gadsden Times entitled: “Business, GOP establishment: Tea party is over” speaks of the alliance of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National GOP to spend millions in an attempt to move the Republican’s in Congress from Tea Party to “Center-Right”. The AP report notes that the group is halfway to its 8 million dollar goal to build a “war-chest” to fight Congressional races. The usual Democrats are thrilled that there is such a schism in the GOP, and plan to take advantage in these races. Two races are highlighted in this article, both in Michigan.

There are two important aspects to consider, the U.S. Chamber is a lobbyist group, in DC. Who represents the interests of Chamber Members across the U.S., but being in D.C. can be lucrative, and, as the group is Bi-partisan in nature, similar to Unions, those at the head tend to make decisions more in keeping with Washington politics rather than the universal interests of the group (See ThinkProgress.org’s article on the Chambers help in winning and losing elections in 2010, very few were Democrats, mainly Republicans). Secondly, raising eight million dollars in D.C. should not be that difficult of a challenge, especially for the GOP and the U.S. Chamber, so what gives?

The Tea Party according those in the media, pollsters and the National GOP and DNC, are somewhat “Dangerous”, but to whom? Why is the National GOP so leery of the group that brought them the possession of the House of Representatives? Simply put, it is the attachment of the National GOP to the Tea Party (which is, when on weighs all points, Independent in nature), which ended, not in obedience by those Tea Party members as anticipated, once safely surrounded by those more senior members of the Houses, it was the fact that they stood alone, opposed their “own party”, and shut down the government for fifteen days. A shut-down that very few, outside of the media, knew or even cared about, that had more to do with the debt ceiling and finance, which fewer understood.

The Tea Party is less of a political party and more of a political ideology, with various fractions, that could, if members so desired, form an actual political party. Instead, those members tend to run under the Republican brand, in order to get elected, a rather disingenuous way of getting around the fact that they do not have a political party per se, to stand upon. Not unlike the Progressives who have run successfully as Democrats, and have successfully unseated those Tip O’Neil Democrats, the Tea Party members are doing the same with the GOP. It is a change in the two major political party’s makeup, one to the very left and one to the very right, with little room in the middle.

There are enough of these members to hold the lien on both sides of the political aisle – they are less of a third political party and more of a coup. That’s the danger and why those who would maintain the status qua (the moderates such as the McCain’s, Graham’s, Boehner’s, etc.) are having conniption fits and calling names.

It’s just that simple. If it were in the true nature of the political party formation (Libertarian’s, Green Party, etc.) there would be little material support for that group to say, best a standard Republican or Democrat, or so that’s the school of thought – Not enough cash from fewer members to oust one of the major party players. Therefore, those that wish to change from the right and from the left, do so by aligning themselves with a major party. The most astounding outcome in this whole process is, using one example; both the Tea Party Members and the Standard GOP are surprised when there is a disagreement. If the founders of this nation had their way – one would imagine more of a mixture of ideals and political parties, rather than two large political parties holding sway over the states. It is, one would imagine what those grassroots activists, progressive and tea party, would dream about. To this mind, it is nothing more than – bluffing. To unseat two Conservative (Tea Party) Republicans’ in Michigan, by running Center Right (Moderate) Republican’s in a primary against said Conservatives, should the moderate win, then the seat would go to the Democrat – it is what the National GOP does best – especially in general elections. The DNC, to be fair, has had more practice with their Progressives, who now are in full control of the party, but it took decades to reach the point where they are today. To wit, this is just the beginning, and it is doubtful that those in the GOP have the ability to turn back the tide at this point in the game. That will mean more losses for standard GOP elites and more wins for those Tea Party type insurgents. It is taking time, but they need only look to the Progressives to see the end in sight.

Would it be better to have four, five or six major political parties? Of course, more would get done for the people as there would have to be more compromise, and the lobbyist would have to spread themselves thin, having less influence overall on the outcomes of legislation. It is changing the Major Political party from the inside out that is the preferred route for those who fear the deep pockets, rather than rely on the trust of the American People and build as best they can, over decades a third party.

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