Friday, October 25, 2013

Fear - Dems Turn to Delay of Health Care Mandate – Obama Delays Individual Mandate for Six Weeks - The Apolitical Cruz was Right.

As the healthcare mandate known as Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act implodes to the strains of health insurers dropping individual’s converge across the nation, and the “glitches” in the on-line systems allowing for enrollment in Obama-care are at critical mass, the 21 hours of reasoning by the Texas powerhouse Senator – Ted Cruz, lampooned by his critics in both parties and especially the media, have apparently begun. What are Democrats to do, especially those that live in states where the party has a tenuous hold on the seat, at best?

They begin to beg for wavers and delays on the individual mandate! (U.S.A Today.)

What does the President do, after refusing delays or fixes to the program put forth by the Libertarian leaning Republican’s in the House and Senate? (i.e. Cruz, Lee, Rand, et al.) He has granted a reprieve of an entire six weeks for the individual mandate to begin.

Which begs the question, one’s insurance company has dropped their coverage in anticipation of Obama Care starting immediately – what is that person to do? As millions loose health care and millions more cannot enroll in the Federal Health Care System, known as Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act, what will they do?

One might hazard to guess those who are most effected or even moderately effected will remember whom this bright idea this entire fiasco belonged – Senate Democrats, specifically Harry Reid who refused to do anything to stop the mandate, including every possible parliamentary procedure followed by Ted Cruz, and his cohorts in the House – Nancy Pelosi, and those living in the la-law land of bigger government means more money in her pocket.

At the top of the Obama Care or bust standoff was the President himself, who called Republican’s out, including those no longer, serving the nation, as those who would prefer to see people go uninsured – seriously.

One can no longer vote the President out of office, however, one can ensure that anyone silly enough to have wholeheartedly supported a roll-out of an untested program, or for that matter, had done a seriously in-depth study on the ongoing disaster - which is the State of Massachusetts’s program post rollout – would have stopped this mess from occurring in the first place. Politically it would have been far better for the Democrats, in general, to have taken an anti-approach to Romney Care and then laid out a better plan (i.e. cross border insurance purchasing, with no mandates to purchase to name two).

They just could not help themselves.

The Libertarian-Tea Party-Republican types so maligned and so correct in their assessment of this debacle apparently will be the ones who will benefit. The GOP who runs the game and their candidates (generational politicians (any Bush), or moderates like McCain, and Christy) might have fared better had they jumped about the Cruz, o Paul or pick anyone member that was actually bucking the system not to get along.

One has to believe that those members will be stepping up the challengers against every Democrat in every conceivable district, from dog catcher on up in the next three election cycles.

The play for a coup it the National GOP should also become more evident as times rolls on – as to the Democrats, they hitched their ponies to the wrong horse, and frankly – there is little in the way of the media, or anything else, that can get them out from under – Way to destroy a political party!

Since the American people are so sick of the two party system, perhaps the DNC could run their Progressive candidates, the Unions and the old style Democrats could run their candidates, The GOP could run their McCain’s and the Libertarian-Tea Party could do the same – why stop at three parties for choices why not go to four or five and end the stranglehold these political behemoths have on the nation.

There’s much to play out in the next two to four years, and to those political junkies one can predict a period of extreme enjoyment in the goings on in the political arena.

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