Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ted Cruz – Texas Offers Warm Welcome – UK profiles Ted Cruz’ Wife – Cruz Stock Rises, no Matter His intentions.

The Power Couple - just ask the media - Ted Cruz with wife Heidi - image from problanc

This morning looking over articles regarding Ted Cruz and the State of Texas, one finds a slew both opinion and news whereby Ted Cruz is a star in Texas. From the Washington Post ”Ted Cruz Returns to Texas as a Hero who is reshaping the State Republican Party”, reads the headline. Of course it’s not all milk and roses, the premise, Ted Cruz is supported by Texans, but that’s because Texas is mainly Republican, with the last Democrat winning a statewide office in over two decades. That’s about as complementary a post one can find re: Cruz and the Media.

As a follow-up, the State GOP is jubilant – with packed artless regarding the crowds showing up at every event Cruz invest his time – and he is apparently visiting a lot – there are photo’s and video’s – here – at One would imagine, a man so despised in Washington by the rank and file GOP, from a state that gave us George Bush, Gorge W. Bush, Lyndon Johnson, et al, this is a new era of the Washington elite becoming a thing of derision when one leaves the beltway.

Although the Texas GOP isn’t alone, local Texas media is also on the bandwagon This CBS local has an exclusive on Cruz, as he talks about threats to his family and himself and – of course – Obama care – they also threw in a crowd estimate – for good measure.

But the telltale sign that an American Politician is seen as somewhat worthy of a bid at least at the Presidency is the European Press, with that said - The Globe and Mail has showcased Heidi Nelson Cruz, the wife of Senator Ted Cruz, in an article – speaks to her history, who she is, who her husband is –with a few editorial notes, but over-all the image of the article screams – this woman is important in the grander scheme of things – she’s married to Ted Cruz.

One might be able to anticipate that the Texas Senator may not be well liked by the media or the Washington Establishment, including member of his own “party” but, the rank and file, as well as certain members of the press, are beginning to understand, a bit, that brilliant trumps, plus he does have a sense of humor and a relentless smile and try and they might with hundreds upon hundreds of articles on Ted Cruz daily (just use Google news – it’s a landslide), he is overwhelmingly popular with the regular guy.

If it were in his mind to put himself out for the American Public by running for higher office, he would have already laid the groundwork and he’s getting a helping hand from those rapid politicians in DC holding desperately to their turf, as well as the media – ironic is it not?

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