Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fish Tales and Fault Lines – A portent of Disaster in Quake prone Zones – the Oar Fish Warns CA

A Map of the worlds Fault Lines - image from mapsoftheworlddotcom

There have been a few sightings of a sea “creature” by the name of an “oar” fish in Southern California – these fish are said to predict earthquakes – this according to CBS Los Angles – who questions if those fish you had washed ashore a year prior to the Japanese Quake, are visiting the Southern California region now as a “warning” to resident..

The theory is that these fish, who live close to the bottom of the ocean floor may feel seismic shifts, and therefore, head to the top of the ocean and or beach themselves as quickly as possible – although there is no proof to back up this particular theory, according to ABC local in San Diego.

However, if one takes a good look at the fault lines that run the length the state of California, and include those in Mexico in the mix (see map) one is under the impression that between the fish floating away from the theoretical seismic activity, and the proximity of the fault lines, added to historical data on earthquakes in CA –one might safely predict there will be an earthquake in CA at some point, and one of certain magnitude.

The earthquake, not unlike the hurricane, or blizzard, are naturally occurring events, generally happening in areas that are desirable for human habitat, so we build, large communities near the shore are particularly popular. Then, when a major natural even occurs, we wonder why. If one lives in Kansas one is likely to see a tornado – it’s difficult to imagine place on earth where weather or geology does not play a factor in major disaster.

Therefore between the fish, and the basic history of the State as it relates to shifts in the fault line, anyone living in California might want to start looking for a reasonable exit strategy, have a survival kit on hand, and then go about their daily businesses. It’s quite the fish tale.

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