Friday, June 14, 2013

Rick Perry Heads to Connecticut – Malloy on Gun Manufactures – As Long as what they produce is legal?- Texas stands to gain.

That rascally Govenor from Texas, one Rick Perry, is at it again. He’s traveling cross-country – bringing his message of success, less taxation, better working environments and the like to businesses in states where the business climate is less than perfect. This benefits Texas in two ways: One it insures extra jobs in a state that is the number on job destination state in the nation, and as more people move to Texas in search of jobs from Massachusetts, California, Illinois and other personal tax happy states – Perry finds himself in the position to bring in businesses to keep employment up.

Next stop is Connecticut. wtnh is reporting that Perry’s on his way – with a message of hope to “businesses, while the current Govenor, suggests: that he has already beat Texas in some competitions for business.

"Where we have gone head to head recently with Texas, specifically with respect to CIGNA and with respect to ESPN, we have actually won," said said Governor Dannel Malloy, (D) Connecticut. “
Therefore Malloy has kept two businesses in a state that desperately needs employers. Standing at the alter of better business conditions in the States Gun and Defense industry – where Perry is fishing. That may lead to quite a haul for the welcoming Texas Govenor.

There was one blurb in the article about Perry running for President, which, is most likely not the case, although no crystal ball is employed here. But suffice it to say, as long as he continues to run Texas the way he is running Texas, - as one former Massachusetts and now 20 year Austin Democrat noted: Perry can be Govenor for: Life if he wants.

Obviously, those that are not recent transplants or so partisan they can’t see the forest through the herds of cattle, wont’ exactly put that way, however, Perry is setting a fine example on how to run a state and make it profitable. A lesson that those governors form the northeast and New York may want to pay just a smidgen of attention.

In a recent search of Career Builder one finds that there are currently 1 - 25 of 41,359 jobs found in Texas, while in Connecticut a total of 6643 positions can be found One suspects, that there would be a disparity between Texas and oh Massachusetts, New York, etc -= The jobs available in Texas versus the State of Connecticut also show a different type of opportunity –less in the service industry in Texas.

Malloy should start to study Rick Perry and do what Perry has done – it may take some time, but Connecticut would recover to its once great stature. Unlikely

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