Monday, June 10, 2013

MA Special Election Update – Obama, Biden, Gore, Wasserman-Shultz, Barney Frank – all in MA for Ed Markey – How Much Trouble is Markey In?

Biden, President Obama and Barney Frank to stump for Ed Markey - not shown: Gore and Wasserman, also on the Campaign Stump for Old Eddy - image from

First there have been more than a few polls coming out for the MA Special Election, some have Markey up by 7, some by 15 (shades of Martha Coakley), and some in a statistical dead heat, which, if the seat were about to be handed to Markey by even five points, there would be no need for the following in the lower than average public interest election.

When an election has interest this low, one would think that between the unions, the nursing home trolling, the dead and missing voting, and other shenanigans known to take place in Democrat politics in the Bay State – the Democrat candidate, even if they appear to be the walking dead, and not even live in the State, can win by a landslide.

Since that’s the case and since memory still serves, there has not been any active call for outside help since Brown-Coakley, and Coakley lost. One thing to say about Coakley she was an interesting candidate, Markey less so. This is regardless of the mistakes she made, and there ere a few.

Who’s coming to help out Markey?

The President will be in Roxbury on Wednesday in support of Eddy.

Both Joe Biden (the Vice President for those who aren’t sure) and Al Gore (who invented almost as much stuff in his mind as Markey), will both be coming to Markey’s assistance

Barney Frank will be coming out of retirement for Ed.

Finally, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the head of the DNC came out to Western Mass (they sent her to our boondocks) to rally the troops for Markey.

That’s a lot more Dempower than anyone has seen in MA in recent memory – so that tells us one thing and one thing only – the base isn’t into it, and the race is closer than one thinks.

Gabriel Gomez, according to a press release, intends to fight this onslaught of star power, not to mention massive ad buys which are negative in nature – “with grassroots organizing “and a fresh face. He may already have it in the bag, considering the fact that so many of these Washington DC rulers have made the trek to MA to try and pursued the populace to get out and vote for Markey.

This suddenly makes this interesting.

The last time Obama came out to campaign for a candidate (Coakley), that candidate lost by 5 points – which begs the question, if Obama is so popular in Massachusetts, why did Coakley, no matter her faults, go down the drain. Markey is not the perfect candidate by any means – the only hope the Democrats have at this point, is to hope that the Unenrolled (50 plus percent) don’t get too interested and get out and vote – for Gomez.

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