Thursday, June 13, 2013

MA Senate Campaign – Media Spin: How to Turn a Mystery Into a Shaky Fact – Gomez PAC Support Not What It Appears

Of one thing one can be certain, if there is a smidgen of a name, or association, no matter how ridiculously far-fetched, it will be spun as a “fact” by the opposition and eventually wind up in an ad, or an article. The MA special election for the vacant Senate seat is one example: Ed Markey, the Democrat in the race, has had everyone show up except Ted Kennedy’s ghost – in an apparent effort to hang onto his base. Meanwhile, understanding just how bad it may be (even though he’s ahead in local polls, and in a dead heat in national polls), Markey’s fans are so concerned, that the issue of the opposition, Gabriel Gomez, the Republican in the race, may have a PAC supporting him that must have something wrong with it. Never mind the fact that Markey has had PAC’s throwing more money at Massachusetts than the state’s deficit – that apparently receives a pass.

The gist: From Politico - Headlined: ” Mystery PAC backing Gabriel Gomez in Massachusetts”, speaks to the fact that the Gomez campaign is receiving a bit of help from an outside source, and Politico cannot, with all of its ability, find out whence this PAC came from. The one thing they have gleaned from the PAC is that it appears not to have an affiliation, but a Republican firm is buying the ads on the PAC’s behalf – the button pusher: And the group’s treasurer, Nancy Watkins, is a Republican who has worked for a number of outside groups, according to past news accounts. She also served as treasurer for Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign.”

Suddenly an article appears on the Hill Blog: and this significant ad by in Massachusetts for the Republican, Gomez, is being handled by Michele Bachmann.

Michelle Bachman, recently announced her retirement from Congress, and is, in the eyes of the media, a crazy congresswoman who embraced the “Tea Party”. If one is following the gist – simply put, the Dems that be, are desperate to find anything to discredit Gomez, therefore, watch Gomez get slammed for being supported by and a member of those Tea Party Groups!!

This is not a stretch of the imagination – given the poorly constructed ads which the Markey campaign has airing, badly spliced segments of Gomez speaking, attempting to discredit him on the issue of social security, gun control and the like.

Gomez shot back with an ad that’s sort of hilarious – knocking the attack ad, and possibly just as badly produced in straight satirical form.

Perhaps, just perhaps, those living in the state of Confusion might see through the absolutely nonsense that is this campaign and choose for themselves – rather than play into the old tried and true of an entrenched Congressman from MA looking for a lifelong seat. His primary opponent, Lynch, would have been a better choice, but those crazy progressive, want a pure party player, so Massachusetts gets – Markey


Which is why this is getting so childish – it’s almost as if no-one wants to even get out and vote for Ed – it’s embarrassing.

One has to ask, does it really matter who is sending all that cash into MA, be it one of Markey's many PAC supporters, or individual party players, or Gomez' PAC and/or any Republican or Independent PAC or person who is supporting him - as this PAC is from Miami, where, one might imagine there would be more than a few Latino-Hispanic individuals who support Latino candidates (see Marc Rubio), then, one might imagine that is where the money is coming from.

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