Monday, May 20, 2013

IRS, The Administration, and the Half-Hearted Press - What can the Press do to Save Itself rather than the Administration?

Unsolved Mysteries Piling Up - President Obama will insure a full internal investigation of the IRS - image:

The IRS, being in the spotlight these past few weeks, has now been pinned by the Washington Post as a recent report noted that one anonymous IRS agent, for fear of retaliation, suggested that the orders to target political groups came from the “top down”. Those that understand that the targeting of specific groups for political gain by the Obama Administration makes Watergate and Richard Nixon pale by comparison.

To date the White House has suggested that they will get to the bottom of this issue, along with a host of other issues, which have been piling up with some rapidity.

Over at CNN, however, a story on Senator Rand Paul, who suggested that he had heard there as a revealing memo regarding the IRS scandal, is being made more than light of – especially if one views the photo of Paul, as well as the context of the article. It is as if Paul is deluded by either political partisanship and/or by some weird conspiracy theory. One has to recall that the man who could articulate and rebuff the concept of drones in the Senate, is one who may have the wherewithal to know if he had “heard” there as a memo that would cause further problems for the administration hanging about or not. The fact of the matter is that given the inability of the Administration to handle or control the mounting scandals make it entirely possible that a memo was leaked and that the Congress/Senate has a copy. CNN-Deflect, Deflect, Deflect.

Paul, for his part is a Libertarian Leaning Republican and nothing that has come to light in the last few days would be simpatico with any Libertarian, nor should it be with anyone who has a gasp on the constitution – abuse of power on multiple levels is being investigated by the House.

However, the love affair between the Press and the Administration is beginning to show some cracks – after insisting that they were not aware of the situation – CBS is reporting that evidence has emerged that the Obama administration did, indeed, know of the IRS targeting during the 2012 camping.

One has to wonder, have the blinders come off, or is this story so big, that the press stands to lose any credibility it has left, and must run it – no administration lasts forever, that has to be weighing on those that look to the future of media.

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