Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Obama Administration - Pounding the Press Into Submission – First the AP, then Fox, now CBS - Taped, Hacked, and Watched – Abuse Of Power

First, the AP announced that its journalist had been compromised by the Administration as it grabbed data from a multitude of journalist which jeopardized the news organizations ability to work with sources. (digitriad) Next up , a Fox News Journalist received a bit of phone tapping from “Big Brother”, (Washington Times) and now Politico is reporting that CBS, Emmy-award winning investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkinssons computers have been compromised at several points since 2011. Apparently, Attkinssons was looking into Fast and Furious at the time, and lately Benghazi, the latest is a slew of questionable Constitutional abuse by the Administration.

When at first it was the AP, it was pooh-poohed away by the White House as it was in the interest of finding the source of leaks to news organizations regarding sensitive information. Fox is understood, although the actions were still wrong in any way, shape or form, but the White House regards Fox News as, bluntly, the enemy. CBS? That’s a horse of a different color – as CBS is mainly viewed as one of the major mouthpieces of the Administration. Therefore, who else is being pushed and shoved into compliance with the party line?

The Press in other nations around the world are fighting for and losing their lives in order to report. In Mexico the death rate of journalists is extremely high as it is in a so many third world nations. See: where one finds a list of 984 journalist killed since 1992, right next to a photo of Attorney General, Eric Holder, over an article on the loss of freedom of the Press in the U.S.

One wonders when those talking heads that bow meekly to the powers that think they are empirical will finally get the fact that they are shilling for an Administration that may turn on them at any moment. As of this morning it is being reported that the Government went so far as to to seize the phone records of a targeted Fox News Reporters Parents! (Breitbart) That begs the question, how far is his Administration prepared to go to shut up the obvious dissension of the press – or more to the point, anyone who questions anything that remotely “stinks” about the Administration. There are no other words but abuse of power that apply to this situation.

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