Friday, May 24, 2013

MA Senate Candidates – Gomez released tax returns, Markey to Release today – Does Anyone Really Care and Why?

MassLive is reporting that ”Democratic Senate candidate Ed Markey will release tax information on Friday”(meaning today). Markey, has worked for the U.S. taxpayer since memory serves, therefore, what his tax returns will reveal will include any investments, as well as Congressional salary, and his spouses investments and salary.

The Republican challenger, Gabriel Gomez, had previously released his tax returns, and Markey’s campaign and company were quick to jump on the fact that Gomez took a deduction for his historical home. (Regardless of the fact that the cost of maintaining these types of structures far outweighs any tax breaks given.

Markey’s returns are most likely as exciting as Gomez’s returns, or watching paint dry. The fact that successful individuals make an income, and have investments and afford themselves of tax breaks, regardless of party, distract from the real issues.

The two candidates are perfect for Massachusetts – one is apparently a moderate – young, veteran, family man, first generation American, the other, a “lifer” in the U.S. Congress, old, Al Gore wannabe.

Seriously, the election should be a no-brainer, but polls show it close, as this is Massachusetts, with Markey (permanent congressional fixture looking for a permanent Senate Seat), leading by 4 to 7 points in national polls and, leading in double digits in local college polls (nuff said). The fact that Scott Brown, the most moderate GOP senator to grace DC coming out of MA in – can’t recall – got booted by a progressive Professor, who had zip for experience, say a great deal about the Massachusetts electorate.

That said, this could be a touchy feely issue, and with Markey taking credit for everything Al Gore did, plus more – anyone with an ounce of brains, should be seeing a difference between the two that simply does not call for a vote for Markey – but this is Massachusetts, and anything can happen. That’s the key, Gomez, who is, for all intents and purposes, a fiscal conservative, who is pro-growth, and experienced in that matter, should do well enough, even with the dead voting. Hopefully, as the national GOP has an interest in this race (See John McCain on campaign trail with Gomez), they may flood the state with poll watchers, lawyers and the like – keeping an eye on those that would pad an election. In the meantime, since the weather will keep most voters indoors this weekend, watching paint dry (reading Markey’s tax returns) might be worth it – of course, that’s if anyone is paying attention at all to this particular election.

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