Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama Administration Promotes Sarah Hall Ingram – From IRS Head of Conservative Group Harassment to IRS Oversight of ObamaCare – Appearances are Everything.

From ABC News Sarah Hall Ingram, The IRS official in charge during tea party (and religious, education, businesses, etc.) harassment, has been promoted to run the IRS unit overseeing “Obamacare”. In fact, during the height of group targeting by the IRS Ms. Ingram received substantial bonuses.(Washington Examiner).

There is a multitude of articles from a variety of sources suggesting that due to Ms. Hall Ingram’s tenure at the IRS, and the implications that she was involved in harassing citizens for their political and religious beliefs’, one might take pause that she is slated to be in control of one’s health care. The questions that remain are myriad – as to her role in the scandal, and how that role would translate to her new position. If in fact, she is ideologically driven, be it a Church group’s healthcare, or an individual who has political or religious inclinations that are not in simpatico with the current administration, then those individuals might finds themselves denied health care, or be subject to fines, and or increased premiums (above the anticipated increases that will most likely force millions into the government run programs.) In that scenario, reappointment to a less volatile position would be in the best interest of the Administration.

One might understand that the appearances of scandal are not the same thing as direct involvement, as that has yet to be determined. Additionally, with the size and scope of the government today, it is also quite possible that not everyone in every position is all that brilliant, nor has taken the time, or would have the time to oversee the “workers” who might just be a tad on the renegade side. In fact, she may be innocent of any wrongdoing what-so-ever, and yet, she is being tainted by the appearance of scandal, and further, guilt by association.

It is true that there are problems at the IRS as it relates to the treatment of those whose beliefs, political and religious, do not coincide with the administration. However, it is not clear, yet, who gave the ultimate orders. In addition, despite the fact that the law known as Obamacare is widely unpopular, especially with seniors and those conservatives who would prefer it be repealed and replaced, the lame brained idea of appointing this woman to head that division, while the IRS is blowing up, did her no service.

She, along with anyone else who has their fingers in the pie of the American Trust, are in over their heads, and that is apparent simply because as being the top executive in any branch, demands oversight of all operations to ensure all is running smoothly. Therefore, she was either complicit, or more likely incompetent, or incapable of managing the task.

There are three separate scandals (or, more to the point, Nixonian tactics) going on in DC at the moment. 1. Misleading the American Public intentionally on the deaths of American’s in Libya, 2. The IRS targeting of citizens and groups that do not share the same political ideological beliefs as the President, and 3. The tapping of Journalists (including the AP) in excess.

The measures to date have been denial and dodging questions. Is it quite possible, they all have no clue? Is it quite possible, that one hand does not know what the other is doing? Is it entirely possible, despite the insistence that everyone is brilliant, that they simply are not? That’s the real question. The danger in having a government so large, that it cannot be managed, unless by competent mangers, then it is time to downsize, and to restructure based on competence. In general, that’s what elections are for, yet, even with a smaller government, one might still encounter wrongdoing, or scandals, as we are all, human. Yet, it would be much easier to contain. The theory presented is that those how have led lives dependent upon academia and law, are most likely not capable of managing anything other than a dandy speech – and are, as stated, unable to manage the sizes of the government as it now stands. The Congressional Repeal of “Obamacare” is a step in the right direction (although one can bet the House that the Senate will not take it up…even though there is dissension in the ranks of the Democrats on this one issue.). There is much to do to placate the American Taxpayer – but partisan politics will continue to muddy the waters, unless and until the American People get fed up, and wake up, and simply stop hiring based on “experience” (those that have served multiple terms), or “Popularity”, or most importantly, those with an R or a D in front of their name, that cannot part ways with their Political Party now and again. Until that happens, and management, downsizing, and efficiency are first and foremost in the minds of those who operate the government - those who are in positions, such as Hall Ingram will be vilified.

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