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Kristen Hughes wins MA GOP Chair in Tight Race – 41-39 in Long Night in Boston – Opponent Rick Green, Announces Chair. Top Mass Dem Congratulates Media on Twitter

The New Mass GOP Chair, Kristen Hughes – image from Mass Live (Springfield, MA Republican)

In a late night in Boston, the Massachusetts GOP chose a new leader, Kristen Hughes, a , the former Deputy Finance Director for Scott Brown’s campaign and grassroots organizer who had brought more state seats to Beacon Hill in the 2010 elections. She has the experience and, obliviously, the fortitude to meet a challenge.

What is most interesting about this particular GOP State Chair contest is that – there was a contest for Mass State GOP chair. The fact that there may be so-called “division” in the State Party, is being touted by the media as some sort of problem, however, it appears that to have a robust party, one must have an exchange of ideas, rather than a dictatorship or, “cronyism”, the later being prevalent in Bay State politics. In past years, there was little to no “news” on the Mass GOP chair position and very few either cared or knew who was being elected, and to what position within the State Party – things changed in 2009 and 2010. Those being referred to as the “right” of the MA GOP – are the fiscal conservatives and yes, Tea Party members, who were elected to State Committee Seats. Without a doubt, one might suggest that if this were the Democrat Party, there would be “blue dog” Democrats a la Stephen Lynch, MA Congressional Representative, recently announcing a bid for the Senate Seat open via John Kerry’s rise in status as Secretary of State, versus, Ed Markey, also a Congressional Representative and a screaming Progressive, who also is vying to the Senate Seat.

Enter the media, and what was left out of the story as “tweets” coming through last night suggested the following, that there was a “crowd” in attendance to support either one of the State Chair candidates, and that Boston P.D. was brought in for ”crowd control! With the long night and extremely close race, the Mass GOP is seen as marginal, rather than evolving and merging into a competitive party from the ground up. The general consensus among Mass. Politico’s is that “experience” (i.e. the longer one is in a particular elected position) trumps all. In most years it is unusual for a Democrat to have any competition at all, in 2010 there were over 200 Republican’s running for State and Federal offices, a stunning amount. Massachusetts needs good, solid competition going into elections, a two, or three party governments would help shift the Bay State towards reality.

Over at the Boston Globe, , reporter, Stephanie Ebbert, who was in attendance at the GOP Chair election, and “tweeted” throughout, writes about the division and saw the race for Chair as a boost for Scott Brown, should he decide to run for Senate, which is looking likely. “The contentious fight over leadership had further divided the state’s minority party, which is still reeling from its losses in November and is preparing for an upcoming special election to fill John F. Kerry’s seat in the US Senate. Many thought that a loss for Brown’s candidate would leave him looking weak as he potentially positions himself for another ¬political move.” Ms. Ebbert speaks about the Mass GOP chair position being less than valued, as it has had volunteer, temporary chairs, etc (this alone makes it huge that there was an actual fight for the position). She closes by pointing out that the Democrat Chair, John Walsh, has held that position since 2007. (Boston Globe).

John Walsh, on Twitter, returns the favor, by giving a “shout out” to Ms. Ebbert, “Great Work this time, you didn’t even get kicked out!” (Paraphrased, see Screen Shot). Walsh also congratulates Kristen Hughes, and announces Scott Brown’s candidacy for the Senate Seat (which may or may not be premature). Of note, the AP had run a story on the 30th noting that Brown as leaning towards a run, which, if that is the case, Walsh will have his hands full with a primary between a Blue Dog Lynch, and a Progressive Markey, both unknown outside of their own districts. His job, once the dust clears and Markey wins the primary, is to manufacture enough votes to beat Brown a second time. The problem with most special elections is turnout, which will be, honestly, harder for Hughes without the backing of those on the “right” who had backed “Green”, but not impossible, given the 2010 results.

Walsh and the media know that is the case.

Above Screenshot - speaks volumes

What is a treat to watch, as a Massachusetts resident, is the fact that there is actual news about a party other than the Democrat Party! In previous years, a mention maybe on page 57 of the Globe versus this morning’s offering by the Massachusetts Press.

Congratulation to the new Mass State GOP Chairwoman, Kristen Hughes, one two counts, one for being elected and putting up a fight for the position, and two, for making the Democrats and the Globe a bit nervous. Congratulations to Rick Green, who ran a robust campaign, and his commitment to fiscal sanity in the Bay State. The fact that both factions of the Party had a “favorite horse” in the race for the Chair, speaks volumes about the import of the seat and the State GOP. The MA State GOP has always been dismissed in the past, should over the next ten years, one see more Republican State Legislators and State Senators, and City Councilors and Mayors, then those leading the State GOP would have done their job. It’s a long process to the top of the heap, and it starts at the bottom, ward by ward, precinct by precinct – long and arduous but not impossible.

The Bay State needs division rather than one party rule.

Highly recommended insight into Massachusetts Politics


Anonymous said...

I was there and remember it being posted on Facebook. That the meeting was to take place at the Natick Verve Hotel at 1630 Worcester Rd in Natick Ma. And the cops there were clearly Natick as the shoulder patch stated. And not the semi rectangular gold tinted patch with Boston City Hall at the center. And why would the BPD be there, the meeting was out of their jurisdiction? I presume you're from this state? Why would do what outsiders do and just lump everything in with Boston. And to make sure that is Stephanie Ebbert from the Boston Globe. Not the Toronto Globe and Mail. And last you do know that to get from Springfield to Boston you take the Pike not Rt 9?

Tina Hemond said...

Honestly as to the Police presence, that came from Twitter, (as stated in the blog) so I did, perhaps assume that the Committee Meeting took place in Boston. As I’m from Western Mass., everything past Worcester is “Boston” – just so you know – the section of the state where we pay taxes and send them east – sometimes we tend to just lump everything together, except for the Cape. The Link to the article from the Boston Globe has a byline – which – has the reporters name – I take it you noticed the link? – you might have clicked on it – that takes you right to a byline – which…no mistake there – So out of curiosity what’s your chief complaint about the post? – The fact that someone confused Boston and Natick – I get that, generally when someone asks me where I’m from and I say Massachusetts – they immediately say –oh Boston. Guilty!!

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