Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MA - Deval Patrick to Announce Kerry Senate Replacement on MSNBC – Last Word - Replacement to be “out-of-the-box”

The Next Interim U.S.Senator from MA? Patrick will announce today. - Image: journalism.nyu.edu Governor Deval Patrick will announce his choice of interim U.S. Senate Replacement today. He will go on to discuss the weighty decision in of all venues, MSNBC’s “The Last Word”:

From Twitter:
Thursday at 10pm ET, @MassGovernorDeval Patrick joins @Lawrence to discuss who will temporarily fill John Kerry's Senate seat. @msnbc

Patrick, according to the Boston Herald, will choose a replacement that is “out-of-the-box”, bringing up names of political insiders, who are normally behind the scene, rather than those who are begging for the seat (See Barney Frank). The bet is that whoever the choice might be will be calculated to help the Governor and his legacy – possibly towards a run at the oval office in 2016, although that is possible, it is highly improbable in light of the Progressive push for Elizabeth Warren to be the next Barack Obama.

Kerry should be easily confirmed as the next Secretary of State, a position he has coveted for some time. The anti-war movements, second best icon next to Jane Fonda, will be easily confirmed in the U.S. Senate. The Replacement will be in place until the Massachusetts Special Election which will be held in June, on the 25th. There will also be a primary, that date has been set for April 30. (Fox-Boston) To date, only one individual has thrown their hat into the political ring, U.S. Congressman, Ed Markey.

Although the MSM is suggesting that former Senator Scott Brown might run in the special election, better odds are on Brown running for the Governor’s office in 2014. That said, Brown might run against Markey in the special election, and forgo running in the 2014 Senate Election, in favor of the Commonwealth’s top job. Try as anyone might, there has been zero inference from Brown as to his plans at this point. The aforementioned is pure speculation by the media.

As to the MSNBC announcement by Patrick, that does put Patrick on a national stage (of sorts), chock full of progressive stalwarts, and sending a message to the national “base” that Patrick is serious about a run. This after Hillary Clinton supporters have launched a “Super PAC” for a run in 2016. One might speculate that with Clinton’s health questionable, and the beating she took by a hostile press in the 2008 run for the Presidency, not to mention the use of “super delegates” to push Barack Obama to the nomination (in spite of the popular vote in the primary going to Clinton), she might reconsider. Either way, it is a long way from 2016, and the conventional wisdom is that whomever runs the Progressives in the Democrat Party, will make the ultimate decision as to whom “they” want to be the next “Obama”.

As to the interim Senate Replacement – bet on a “safe” choice and a political insider – sorry Barney!

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