Thursday, January 31, 2013

Massachusetts Politics: Special Election – Stephen Lynch (D-MA) Jumps In – No Republican Candidate, Mass GOP – New Chair to Be Elected Today

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From The Boston Globe Congressional Representative, Stephen Lynch, announced his candidacy to fill the Senate Seat being vacated by John Kerry, now Secretary of State. The other announced candidate is Democrat Ed. Markey, another one of the nine Congressional representatives in the Commonwealth. Lynch, is possibly a moderate, who had a faced primary challengers from progressive Democrats in the past, and has been noted by the Blog “Buzzfeed” as being “too Conservative” for Massachusetts Lynch is pro-life, voted against the Iraq War and the Obama Health Care Reform Act.

The primary is set for April, 2013 with a special election to follow in June. Markey is favored by the DNC, as a strictly reliable vote, neither man is well known outside of their own districts.

Markey has a site up Ed To date, none found for Lynch.

Should no Republican enter the race, Lynch should be given a second look as a moderate. That said Lynch will be with former Senator and newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry today in Western Mass. The association with Kerry may give those more conservative voters pause.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts GOP will elect a new chair today. The candidates are Kirstin Hughes and Rick Green. The 80 member Mass COP Committee members will make the selection. As of the 30th of January there was a 1 point difference in Committee endorsements per candidate with Green leading by 1. (Red Mass Group). Green is a fiscal conservative appealing to both moderates as well as the more right wing members of the Mass GOP (keep Mass GOP in mind) – Kirstin Hughes is a GOP stalwart, having worked on Scott Browns campaign. It remains to be seen if the clout of the Boston GOP’s members supporting Hughes will be enough to win the Chair for her against Green. The Mass GOP Chair Election with profiles is available hereat this blog – updated December 12th. At that time, Green was the favorite, again based on party unity.

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