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Mass. GOP – First, Brown Drops out, then Tisei –Now, focus is on Ann Romney for possible Senate Run - Ann Romney would give MA Dem’s Pause.

Shortly before the 2012 Election - Ann Romney - Ohio - image from Daily - "As Election Day Nears Romney Crowds Surging"

Prior to February 1st, every pundit following the special election to replace Senior U.S. Senator, John Kerry, (R-MA), (now Secretary of State) suggested, with some confidence that the GOP’s, Scott Brown would run for the vacant seat. On Friday, February 1st, 2013, Brown declined the option to run in that particular race. (New York Times) This “shocked” more than a few individuals, except that Brown gave no indication that he would run for the seat – rather he was vague in terms of what he would do as far as his political career was concerned. It was the “sources close to (plug in a name), that made Brown’s run “likely” (“true”). In the interim, in Massachusetts there was a special election to for the GOP Committee Chair. Certain individuals within and outside the MA State GOP, were also convinced that Brown would run, given the fact that he endorsed the candidate that won the chairKristen Hughes, a former Brown campaign staffer”(Degrees).

Next up, there was again, a source that suggested Richard Tisei, the Massachustts Senate Minority Leader, would run for the seat. Not so: in a statement released last night, Tisie released the following statement:

“Former State Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei has decided against running in the upcoming special election for the U.S. Senate seat just vacated by Senator John F. Kerry. Following is his statement:

"I've been humbled by so many people who've urged me to run for this seat, following Senator Scott Brown's decision not to run on Friday. I believe it's imperative that the Republican party put forward a strong candidate who can help bring much-needed change to Washington. Unfortunately, the timing is simply not right for me to do so - deeply as I feel about the need to strongly compete in this election. It was also my desire to make this decision as quickly as possible so that other potential candidates would be able to consider whether they should run.

We have many talented people from all walks of life who should get involved in the political system to bring about change. The political class ought not be a select few. That's part of the reason that we're in such a mess and that our political system has become dysfunctional. I urge principled, qualified men and women to stand up and be counted in the political arena. We have no right to complain if we're not willing to be constructively involved as we try to build a better future. I've met thousands and thousands of people who do care and have been involved and I urge them to stay involved and to continue to make a difference - especially in these difficult times.

I look forward to continuing my involvement and to supporting strong, principled, independent-minded candidates who may choose to run for this and other offices. All of us - Republicans, Independents, and Democrats - need to roll up our sleeves, pitch in, and bring about the reforms of our political system that are so desperately needed. Whether as a candidate or concerned citizen, I will continue to be involved with other men and women of integrity who share my desire for real reforms."

There are several names that are high on the list in the MA GOP when it comes to running for higher office: Brown, of course, (he’s out), Richard Tisei (he’s out), Charlie Baker (more likely a run for Governor), and Kerry Healey, former Lt. Govenor under Mitt Romney, come to mind. However, it is anyone’s guess as to who may run against Democrat Faithful, Ed Markey, and Moderate Democrat, Stephen Lynch, both MA Congressional representatives, who have publicly declared to the vacant Senate seat. To date, those are the two that will face a primary in April, 2013.

Yesterday, enter the latest “sources close to” potential candidate to run for the Senate special election: Ann Romney.(Daily Mail) In the article from the Daily Mail it is noted that “Republicans in Massachusetts are said to be encouraging Ann Romney to run for U.S. Senate.”. Said sources from the UK was followed by a similar article in the Boston Herald. Both papers stating that the MA GOP is desperately trying to find someone to run for the seat. Unless of course, there is someone who has already decided, and yet not one “source close to” has said “boo”.

Ann Romney as a candidate makes sense. There are those spouting “no political experience” – (Note: Ann Romney has personally given no indication that she will run for any office as of now- this is hypothetical based on “sources”.) However, given the fact that Massachusetts has recently elected, Elizabeth Warren, former part-time Harvard Professor, and one-time Obama appointee to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”(Daily Beast) had little experience in politics, and Matriarch of the Democrat Congressional Caucus, Nancy Pelosi, was a full time wife and grandmother before running for Congress – a criteria for “experience” seems a tad misplaced. Never mind the fact that the whole point of Federal offices historically speaking, is that a “citizen” be elected.

So, what “dots” can the MSM connect, besides the usual “source”, that Ann Romney maybe considering a run for the U.S. Senate?

Perhaps it’s the fact that she declined an offer from ”Dancing with the Stars”(USA Today). Alternately, it could be the fact that she is considered a “star” by U.S. entertainment standards – which apparently is part of the criteria for elected officials (besides all that “experience”).

Unless and until, Ann Romney speaks, (or a representative for Ann Romney), no one has a clue.

The Big But

If Ann Romney does decide to run, it would give fits to the Mass State DNC. They are most likely hoping that the only contest will be in a Dem Primary. Should a high-profile, Bay State Republican run, someone with a brand name, then that’s problematic. Special elections have notoriously low turnout, and the independent’s (51% of the Bay State’s electorate) have been known in the past go choose a Republican (more often the Governor’s office, but…) now and again. If she were to run, Ann Romney is likeable (unless one is a screaming and threatened progressive.); she would bring “brand” as well as “star-power” to the race. Pit Ann Romney against lackluster, Congressional Democrats such as Markey and Lynch, and one gets the picture. The discussion regarding a campaign war-chest would be a moot point, all things considered. It would not take much capital to outdo either Markey or Lynch, as they would have to push more advertising in a statewide race for minimal voters, against someone who really has little need for recognition.

How well does Ann Romney poll? –That’s the million dollar question, given the only poll found was a Washington Post/ABC Polls whichpolled Ann Romney and Michelle Obama Romney against their husbands. In that poll, both women held an advantage. However, in the notes, on nationwide approval, Ann Romney’s favorability rose from 43% to 56% once “voters became familiar with her”

Of course, that’s all there is, at the present time, speculation. What is known that should Ann Romney decide to run, she would be a tough candidate for the MA DNC to best – she was far better at connecting with voters than her husband, she’s go the same amount of experience as did Nancy Pelosi or more perhaps than Elizabeth Warren, she has “star-power” and she just came off a grueling national campaign – she knows the ropes.

In the event that there is no candidate, one might want to change one’s MA political affiliation t o Democrat, vote in the primary and vote for Stephen Lynch, as Lynch is the lesser of two evils.

If Ann Romney or Charlie Baker (who, again bet’s are on the Governor’s office), run, then, the choice is obvious – change party affixation to Republican or remain “unenrolled”, (again, in the event there is no opposition to the candidate in a primary, then one must declare a party) and vote for either Ann Romney or Charlie Baker, or someone who has Statewide Recognition, which is the quantifier in this race.

It is, in reality, still early – the filing date is set for February 27th, when the candidate must submit nomination papers and signatures to the Secretary of State, signatures required: a measley 10,000 for a Federal Senate office election(Massachusetts Secretary of Sate).

Is there another GOP candidate that must live in the State at the time of the election (see Lizzie Warren - Oklahoma) ?

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