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The Romney’s and the MA Senate Special Election – The Romney Watch - Media continues to “float” names and sources – Tagg Romney now out, no word on Ann Romney –yet. Conan O’Brien? Now there’s a candidate

Why not Conan O'Brien for Senate? - image honolulunoets.com

To date, no one with any name recognition has stepped forward from the GOP to run for the special election to fill the vacant seat left by John Kerry’s appointment to Secretary of State. The media is spinning like a top. The bigger the name the better, and in MA GOP politics that name is “Romney”. There were rumors that the GOP was trying to convince Tagg Romney to run for the seat – however, he has (according to sources) declined. There is still no definitive no from Ann Romney, who, again, sources say, has been asked to the dance.

It may be Ann, or it may be someone whom we have no knowledge of yet – the criteria for a U.S. Senate Run in Massachusetts is that the individual be living in the state, during the election. Therefore, the GOP could field just about anyone and bring them in – if there was interest in doing so on a national level.

Massachusetts and the GOP.

Those who live in Massachusetts understand that for a high profile politico to step foot in the state, they are generally lost trying to find New Hampshire, or in Boston raising funds. Other than that, the last time, in recent memory, anyone of note that stopped in the Bay State, was Hillary Clinton in 2008 on the campaign trail during the 2008 DNC primaries. Those of us living in Massachusetts understand – we don’t count on the national state, however, there are more than a few instances where laws and statues and ideas gone wild have been nationalized, and they have come from – Massachustts – take health care for example.

In the case of general elections – most Bay State Resident feel they really don’t count, after all, what’s 9 or 10 electoral votes anyhow?- They are always going to be dubbed “likely Democrat” – because no one has ever tried to visit the flipping state! There was one exception in 2010, but silly people thought to reelect the most moderate voice in the senate, might have endangered their rights because he was a “Republican” – One has to ask – how much is that birth control going to cost you in the long run now? Is Wall Street humble? – Or is has the price of all goods and taxes surpassed the cost of 6 months worth of one’s favorite “pills”, and isn’t Wall Street making more money now than previously?

Is not the gap between the haves (those in DC’s Wealth Belt) and the have not’s – that’s the rest of us –widened considerably in the last 5 years?

Yes, some idiotic flash in the pan “celebrity” said to vote for…..and the Republican’s are going to take away your rights!! – and the sheep followed blindly.

Good grief, what if they wake up?!!

That’s not probable.

Therefore, until that time, those of us stuck in the State of Insanity (otherwise called Taxachusetts), will watch and wait for someone, anyone with some wherewithal, fire in the belly and a penchant to get beat up by the national and local media, come forward and run for the senate seat that – is not truly John Kerry’s, but the peoples...

Or, as the case may be, a lackluster candidate with less name recognition that Ed Markey or Stephen Lynch will run against the Democrat “machine” that is Massachusetts. This is normally the case, where no one challenges the incumbent Democrat and even makes them work for the seat! There is a reason why most Massachusetts House and Senate members list their occupation (i.e. Career) as Legislature!

Here‘s a list of former residents who would fit the “celebrity profile”: (Choice Pics from Celebrities Famous People Born In Massachusetts (and still breathing:)

  • Conan Obrien (Brookline)
  • Jay Leno (Worcester- or there about)
  • Matt Damon (Cambridge)
  • Steven Van Zandt (Boston)

  • Conan for Senate – that makes perfect sense – remember, the individual just needs to live In the state during the election – or for that matter – Jay Leno could run as well, talk about a matchup!

    Seriously, if there is a candidate for the Senate run, an announcement will come, in due course, and likely be leaked by “credible” sources, followed by an announcement from the actual individual. Until then – it’s all speculation and fuel for non-news.

    Lately the media has been sillier than those who believe that Republican’s are out to take away one’s birth control, run a “war on woman” or God forbid, push Granny over the Cliff. This gives credence to the theory that American schools have gone way over board on the dummying down process.

    Conan: He fought NBC and is still standing, He’s got a sidekick, a sense of humor, and a Libertarian (rumored to be so) – perfect for the State of Massachustts!

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