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Mitt Romney 2012 – Ahead of the Final Debate - Newspapers begin Endorsements Turning on Obama –E tu? Politico? - Politico pens “Obama’s Contempt for Voters”

A copy of the Pittsburgh Post Review Romney Endorsement from: the right>

The Print Press has begun it’s endorsements for the 2012 Presidential race: 2012 Candidate Mitt Romney as picked up the following endorsements:

The Columbia Dispatch, (article from Cleveland Palin Dealer which endorsed Barack Obama

The Orlando Sentinel (CNN)

the Nashville Tennessean (Nashville Scene – Tennessean endorses Romney Freezes over Hell!)

The Houston Chronicle

the Reno Gazette Journal (CNN)

the Billings Gazette

from the Huntington, WV, Herald Dispatch: The following papers: Wheeling News-Register, The Intelligencer of Wheeling, The Journal of Martinsburg, the Weirton Daily Times and the Parkersburg News and Sentinel and The Inter-Mountain in Elkins.

(CNN – a list.) The Tampa Tribune , The Fort Worth, Texas, Star-Telegram, The Arizona Republic, and the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Tribune-Review

The Colorado Springs Gazette

The Dallas Morning News

From (These may be subject to scrutiny) The Daily Kos Arizona Republic (Arizona), Casa Grande Dispatch (Arizona), Arkansas Times (Arkansas), North County Times (California), San Diego Union-Tribune (California),The Daily Sentinel (Colorado), The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado), Longmont Times-Call (Colorado), Loveland Reporter-Herald (Colorado),Colorado Springs Gazette (Colorado), Cherokee Tribune (Georgia), Eagle Tribune (Massachusetts), Royal Oak Daily Tribune (Michigan), Kalamazoo Gazette (Michigan), Omaha World Herald (Nebraska), Newman Grove Reporter (Nebraska), Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada), The New York Observer (New York) , The Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota), The Buckeye Lake Beacon (North Dakota), Minot Daily News (North Dakota), Union-Leader (New Hampshire), The Lufkin Daily News (Texas), The Winchester Star (Virginia), Wheeling News-Register (West Virginia), The Intelligencer of Wheeling (West Virginia), Parkersburg News and Sentinel (West Virginia), Spokesman Review (Washington) Vancouver Columbian (Washington), Star-Tribune (Wyoming)

The above is as of 10/22/12.

A note: in several articles it was suggested that Romney has not picked up endorsements by any of the Bay State newspapers – this is possible as they have not yet endorsed a candidate. In the final hours of the 2008 campaign, the Springfield MA Republican endorsed John McCain in 2008, and other larger papers in the Bay State began their endorsements. Additionally, the editorial boards may understand the Bay State Electorate and its base demographic (the Unenrolled)outnumber both major parties in enrollment.

About newspaper endorsements in general, of course, they are a boost to the campaigns’ ego, and can generate a press release or two, however, should one follow the Gallup’s “trust in Institutions Polling”, newspapers and television news both rack up a startling 26 to 28% trust (with 100% being very trustworthy). Therefore, the endorsement generates both buzz for the candidate as well as for the paper itself – but may do little to change minds any more. (Of course, those papers who do endorse Romney may find a spike in subscribers)

Finally in an op-ed piece by Politico entitled :”Obama’s Contempt for Voters”, the article here at suggests that Obama, and his campaign, believe the people are “idiots”, and generally will buy whatever they are selling. That may appear harsh, but coming from a “progressive” point of view, there is a divide between the “elite” and the “masses”, the “Progressive” school of thought is pervasive throughout the educational system as well and the unions, and has been since the 1970’s when the first teachers union was put in place in Philadelphia. There have been Progressive presidents’ from time to time, and in each case, the economy faltered and in the end, they were voted out of office. The idea that somehow, a United State of America, actually exists where there is a class systems in place that allows for the cream of the crop to be “elites” (those with a higher education and specific connections), to tell the “masses”, the rest of the population, how to live, and what to think – and that everything someone at the top (elite) tells the nation, will be bought: hook, line and sinker. The problem is, the philosophy or ideology, just doesn’t work for the country as a whole. This article not necessarily address the root of Obama’s ideology and how deeply imbedded that Progressive think is rooted in our educational system, from the top down, and has been for decades, as well as the unions – Progressive thought sounds as if one is moving forward, however, it is a step back into the dream of the former Soviet Empire, where the very rich were executed, and the thinkers (elites) led the nation – keeping the masses ignorant through state run media, and imprisoned or executed when those individuals spoke out. The downfall of the Soviet Union was, in simple terms, an economic implosion – it took Decades to dissolve – and that is where today’s Progressives, blot out that bit of inconvenient truth – Socialism, for the most part, simply does not work for the “masses”. If one has any doubts about the aforementioned, just ask a college professor or any lower grade high school or elementary school teacher about their view of Progressive thought and the class systems included in that ideology . It is seen by those Professors, as a duty imposed upon each and every student that will attain a four year degree, that they teach the “masses” by keeping things simple, and berating the Republican Party at every turn (although by that school of thought, may in the Republican Party are also “elites”), after all, it is also duty to take over more of the former “Democrat” party – and that is because, Progressive needed legitimacy, though a political party, and the Democrat Party was more closely aligned, already backed by unions. If one’s child cannot pass the SAT, there’s a good chance, that child received a different education – on that was more political in nature. (Thus the dummying down of America.)

Understanding that the aforementioned sounds like a conspiracy theory, one might ask their student or a student of a higher or lower education facility from the 1970’s or forward, if politics were ever mentioned in the classroom.

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