Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Polling Update – Romney Lead increasing – Alfred E. Smith Dinner – Romney and Obama – both entertaining – Romney’s Sense of Humor – Hysterical.

Mitt Romney on the Campaign Trail - the Romney Surge image Washingtontimes

General update on polls and links to polls as they stand as of the morning of October 19, 2012:

Gallup :Romney 52, Obama 45

PennsylvaniaRomney 49, Obama 45(Washington Times)

North Caroline Romney 52, Obama 46(Rasmussen Reports)

Wisconsin Romney 49, Obama 48 (Romney 11 point swing in two weeks), Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

More polls as well as the electoral college map prediction on Real Clear Politics, shows Romney Leading in Electoral college for first time on that site Real Clear Politics – Romney Leads Electoral College

The Alfred E. Smith Dinner was held last night in New York City:

Mitt Romney – Hysterical

Full Video of both Govenor Romney and President Obama at Alfred E. Smith Dinner

Although there are still three weeks before America votes, Mitt Romney appears to have the momentum, as polling is beginning to indicate. If one takes into the account that these polls are weighted towards the 2008 election results, and the oversampling of Democrats as a result of that methodology, then one understands that this race, is indeed, going in Govenor Romney’s Direction.

On polls, this blogger has been wondering why Massachustts is being polled so frequently on the Presidential Race – There have been published PPP polls, but the other polls appeared to be internal – A note, if outside firms are polling Massachustts more than once in generations, then that gives one pause. Moreover, New York is being polled – go figure.

Both New York and Massachusetts are considered “safe Democrat”, as they were in 1980.

On the Alfred E. Smith Dinner – Romney is, indeed relatable, and rather than stiff, a man that can relax and dish out one-liners with the best of them – he was indeed funny. President Obama, as has been noted on this blog in the past, is a fine comedian – and that may be his second calling, but what was of interest, were his closing remarks, conciliatory, and deferring to Governor Romney. One would think, in watching the video (above), that should (and it appears that way) Romney be the next President of these United States, President Obama would like to make some inroads now, and be invited to the “party” of past-presidents on occasion – like Bill Clinton, rather than James Carter, who rarely has appeared with other Presidents (past and present) since 1980.

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