Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bridgeport, CT Dem Mayor Bill Finch to Dem Senate Candidate – No Problem on Election – Video – Déjà vu 2010

Screenshot of Google News, and post election questions regarding Finch and the 2010 results

From the Weekly Standard (A conservative magazine) come a You Tube video of Bridgeport CT May ,Bill Finch, joking to the Democrat Senate Candidate Chris Murphy, about insuring he would win, even if it took “days” to count the ballot. (Video Below). Of course, this is nothing new, in 2010; there was chaos in the election especially in Bridgeport. From reports of voter fraud, to the sudden appearance of a bag of ballots, the fun began (Hartford Courant). Connecticut had, for the most part, been one of those states that could go either Republican or Democrat in any given election, however, when one looks in Google archives for ”ballots Bridgeport” a list of referring to the Bridgeport Mayor appears, all from 2010, all suggesting that something was up in the 2010 election and Bridgeport’s return of ballots. Of course, if one looks at the Archive list of dates on the left side of the screen, results for the same term appear from 1930 onward! Go figure!!

From the Massachusetts perspective, questionable returns are nothing new, which could explain why Massachusetts is generally a “blue state”, and why neighboring Connecticut has, over the past few decades, become the same –it would be no surprise if, after the votes are in, and the polls have closed in Connecticut this November, that a close race will be decided once again, by “found ballots”, lack of ballots resulting in the use of photocopied ballots, lost ballots suddenly appearing, ballots found on I-91, and so on. What is needed in both states, are independent poll and ballot watchers – living in Connecticut, not unlike Massachusetts, one does get to cast their vote, but there is a question of whether or not it will actually count – given the fact that ballots can magically appear, as well as “extra” voters, in the final hours or days after a campaign. Massachusetts is known as the “people's republic”, (reference to Totalitarian Communist State), and why Connecticut, it appears, should have the same moniker.

Video Bridgeport Mayor to Senate Candidate – Joking about Ballot Fraud

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