Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – Models offer Conflicting Views – Consensus Moving Towards New England and Intensified.

This morning’s models of Hurricane Sandy, now a category 2 hurricane, continue to show forecast models that vary, however, the consensus is that the storm is tracking towards New England – whether or not it will move over New York/New England or move offshore, and at what intensity if the question. Regardless of the “hype” that might surround forecasters, both national and local, it is worth paying attention to this particular storm over the next few days. The late October nor’easter which dumped a foot or more of snow on the Pioneer Valley last year is still fresh on one’s mind, and doing a little preparedness in advance might not hurt in this instance, no matter where in New England one might reside. In any instance, better safe than sorry:
Some tips:
Fill up your gas tank: in a power outage lasting several days, use of the car to charge cell phones, or warm up (in the event of a sudden drop in temperatures) helps. Stock up on batteries for flashlights, or invest in a slightly larger battery operated light generally found in sporting goods shops (or at your local supermarkets in the Northeast), a transistor radio doesn’t hurt. Stock up on extra food that does not require using a stove, include pet food to cover a few extra days. Get your favorite lawn ornaments in before a few days in advance. The worst thing that can happen is that you have a few extra supplies on in any event. Things that surprised this blogger when the power was lost last year for five days: one can’t get cash from an ATM, gas stations do run out of gas, it can take up to forty-five minutes to get a burger at a fast food restaurant, it’s a good idea to have ice on hand and a cooler to transfer some food from one’s refrigerator to prevent loss.

A few of the latest reports

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Rachel Frank Fox CT

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Some of the above represent a bit more drama than one might consider necessary, but adage of better safe than sorry would apply – Here’s hoping that Sandy move’s offshore and tracks west rather than east.

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