Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Politician as Rock Star Phenomena – Santorum Family Caught by Amateur Paparazzi Poolside – You know You’re the Front Runner When…..

The family photo given to Buzz Feed - shows Mitt Romney (sort-of shirtless) in a pool either at his home, or on vacation - the point family photo are released - from buzz feed, photo Laura Romney

First the photograph went up on the drudge report – with the headline “Rico Rick”, since it is no secret Matt Drudge has gone over the ledge for Mitt Romney, one has to question his motives (See Mississippi Race called for Mitt Romney at approximately 4pm eastern time on Drudge Report – with zero links to any source.) anytime there is a “possible negative regarding Santorum”. However, in this case, that aside, the fact that someone on a cruise ship just had to snap a picture of the family speaks volumes about the candidate. This is the first “paparazzi” type photo taken of the GOP Presidential Candidate, and as far as this blog is aware, no other GOP candidates have had their photo’s snapped in this very typical paparazzi fashion.

The picture is at the website Buzz Feed, and the Senator reacted to his photo being taken in the audio below.

The photo itself, although amateurish, depicts the Senator in a lounge chair poolside, while with family, one of his sons in the water and a glimpse of his wife Karen seated next to him – the focus of the photo is obviously the Senator. The jump up over the bushes to get a shot, any shot, is present – as is the possibility of these shots from paparazzi (amateur or not) becoming more prevalent as the Senator has become the focal point in the GOP nomination process. In addition, he is the youngest of the four running, therefore, family or not, it would be less interesting to say shoot Newt Gingrich poolside, or say Ron Paul – although a note to those two who are still in the race, may happen. The alleged front-runner, Mitt Romney, has yet to be caught – there are “casual photos” of the Romney’s that exists, however, they are obviously controlled family photos with no element of surprise. Therefore, there appears to be either a lack of interest.

The media and , of course, the Romney Campaign, continues to pound away on the Senator’s take on social issues, most recently Internet Porn – This was recently brought up by the publisher of Red Mass Group, a local MA Republican blog – via Facebook: “Rick Santorum yesterday. by attacking internet porn, put in jeopardy his standing in the coveted "men 18-120 who have internet access demographic."

The fact that Romney and Gingrich both spoke out in the same vein was noted, and elicited this stunning response: “the difference is Romney and Gingrich don't mean it, and even if they do won't put any political energy behind.”

The actual site offers up a great deal of hot button issues that should make anyone’s blood boil, most of these are state related, however, it is obvious that Romney supporters are in the vein of the Democrats, attacking with a say anything and hope it sticks mentality. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Romney’s donation emails are now going out with the Barack Obama signature “enter a chance to have lunch with Mitt” for a $5.00 donation.

Meanwhile the Senator from Pennsylvania brushes it off – another day being in the #1 spot – one might argue that Romney is the front-runner, however if this were true, the MSN and the Romney surrogates, would not be simpatico in their heated anti-Santorum rhetoric. It’s to the point where one cannot tell if the anti-Santorum rhetoric is coming from Chicago or Boston.

The Video Interview from Buzz Feed omits the entire photo here on where it is obviously a family moment

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