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ABC New Hampshire Debate Winner January 8 – Santorum and Huntsman, Romney Robotic, Gingrich – Perry shut out of Debate forum.

Santorum and Romney NH Debate 1 8 12 - image MSNBC

The ABC New Hampshire Debate which took place last evening and is being touted as a win for Romney by the media, is being viewed somewhat differently from those watching the debate and wondering why the Media is now “in the tank” for Romney (perhaps it’s his use of a teleprompter – see Iowa post-caucus speech, where he did not use his teleprompter as he wanted to “speak from the heart”), perhaps it’s the fact that Obama’s team is more prepared for Romney than any other candidate, or perhaps, just perhaps, they see an Obama defeat, and want the most progressive, moderate to win the nomination. However, the manner in which the placement of the candidates and the focus on certain candidates was done, it left one with the impression that Rick Santorum and John Huntsman were of most import (and this may have been done to polling placement as well, however – it did not help Mitt Romney or particularly hurt him nationally) – Ron Paul’s attacks on Santorum left no doubt that Santorum is now the front-runner, and although he has, from the beginning left Romney alone, it may be due to the fact that Paul perceived himself as the Anti-Romney.
It was, in truth, boring.

Those who consider themselves political junkies were looking for a fight and/or a contrast between the much hyped Gingrich-Romney feud, yet, Gingrich took few shots at Romney, most likely by design and most likely because he was not offered a chance. Rick Perry’s performance was standard Perry – he was sensible up until his comments on the Iraq War, stumbled a bit in some speech, but at this point in the game, know that all will be won or lost in SC. The next debate in less than one hour, on NBC’s “meet the press”, one may find it is not on one’s local listings as a debate. It will be interesting to see how this debate is formatted, (seating wise it may be expected to remain the same).

Therefore, the ABC debate winner was clearly Santorum, for his clear concise remarks, and his rebuttals and defense of attacks by Ron Paul. Second was Romney, by virtue of the length of time he took up during the debate, and his constant smile, - noted by some as “somewhat creepy, but it looks like he knows what he’s talking about, even though what he is saying makes little sense”. Thank God for DVR’s, as what this blogger found about Mitt Romney, is that not unlike McCain, he is the national sleeping pill, in this opinion, and having watched perhaps too many debates, his tone is steady, he never wavers, and he has the look of someone who is in Control, yet in a monochrome manner, which can be soothing – so much so that no one can possibly pay attention, and falls into a near coma as a result. It was the same tactic, and look, that was also evident in the DNC debates of 2008 – whereby Obama would look like he was talking and yet, Clinton has excitement on her side.
Here is the warning, it is the candidate that is inspiring and that will get out the vote, from both Conservatives and moderates and yes Democrats, not the monochrome, made for TV candidate, that will win the day in this election – when one has no contrast with one’s opponent as far as the general public perceives, then there is the old adage: better the devil we know, than the devil we don’t.

Judging from the responses, Santorum clearly won, and Romney is the guy that is most like Obama – this was not this bloggers first impression. The first impression was that Romney had won, based on steady answers, length of time, and the shut out of the most formidable debater (New Gingrich), however, after listening to others that were not as heavily vested, and reviewing the tapes, indeed, it is Santorum who was clearly the winner in this debate.

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