Thursday, January 12, 2012

Latest SC Poll Shows Gingrich Tied with Romney – Romney Woes - Dishes it out, but Cannot Take the Heat -2008 revisited - Open Secrets & Endorsements

Mitt Romney - may fall back to earth after SC - image

A new Insider Advantage poll taken on Wednesday shows Newt Gingrich in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney, the establishment “favorite”, followed by Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, John Huntsman and Rick Perry. Romney is back in his 23% zone, where it is expected he should stay in the balance of the states should history repeat, and there is no indication that it will not. The only southern state, Virginia, where Romney may pull out a victory, has only two Republican’s on the ballot, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, given the large urban population and Romney’s finish behind Paul in 2008, the Virginia battle may be won by Dr. Paul – it is not out of the question given Paul’s strong finish in New Hampshire.

Romney continues to assail rivals with barbs and his Super PAC is running ads in South Carolina noting that Gingrich is not pro-life, which is flatly – false – it is Romney who was pro-choice, pro-life, pro-choice, and ensured that Massachusetts taxpayers footed the bill for abortions under the Commonwealth’s Universal Health Care system that Romney designed. It is on face value, typical of Romney’s campaign.

On Temperament: When visiting Romney’s site under endorsements is an article demeaning Newt Gingrich, one has to wonder why the angst over only Gingrich on the Romney campaign site. Apparently, broad shoulders do not extend the Mr. Romney – who, when confronted with compare and contrast ads from Gingrich, cannot take the heat, so he cries foul to the press.

Also several readers have suggested that endorsements from “those in the know”, Congressmen and the like, we recipients of large cash contributions from Romney’s PAC. For example, in the New Hampshire Primary, Kelly Ayotte endorsed Mitt Romney, she also received funds from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC, (Open Open Secrets only tracks donations to Federal candidates, therefore, those endorsements by mayors, former public officials are most likely based on a moderate political ideology. If your U.S. Congressional Representative or Senator endorsed Mitt Romney - check it on Open Secrets dot org.

More On South Carolina and the Romney "myth" that he can do well in all 50 states:

From Springfield Mass, WHYN morning show, a chat with a sister station in South Carolina yesterday morning, underscored the fact that Romney, although almost popular in Iowa (taking 8 votes give or take over Santorum), then winning New Hampshire, means very little to those in South Carolina, even in the Urban Areas, where one would expect Romney to do well. One can pretty much be the house that Gingrich and Paul, and Possibly Santorum or Perry will finish above Romney in the Palmetto State.

The balance of the primary and caucus states: Regardless of Romney’s war chest, there is more than a better chance that he’ll command a lead in 8 to 9 other states, tying or exceeding his showing in 2008.

Should that occur watch Super Tuesday: Shock and Awe from Pundits in the media and the RNC who will be dealt a blow should either Paul or Gingrich (likely both) pull the balance of the states. It may take at least 24 hours for them to turn around and being to extol the virtues of another candidate, and the fact that Romney was expected to do well in certain states, but just could not break above 20 in the balance.

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