Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Prime Time Budget Sale – Attempts to Bore the Public Into Compliance – White House Press Corp more Entertaining

From AP Photo

President Obama held yet another prime time press conference last evening in order to sell his bloated budget to the General Public. The budget, and the Presidents Pet Projects, is in trouble – on Main Street, and in Congress from both Democrats and Republican’s. The Democrats are furiously whittling away at the budget, while and Republicans, have been working on an alternative (which, contrary to Obama’s campaign rhetoric, he is well aware of this fact).

With dwindling support, the President brought his campaign to the people in hopes of selling trillion dollar deficits based on questionable programs. He peppered each answer with the word “invest”, rather than spend, when it came to inquiries about saddling future generations with a huge deficit and the need to implement these programs at a time when they are hardly affordable. The questions from the White House Press Corp, were fairly pointed, and not so artfully dodged, rather answered in a meandering way, in which Obama appeared to have lost his train of thought on several occasions. This, in spite of the fact, that the President carefully avoided calling on the heavy business focus publications: the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times were excluded.

Teleprompter or no, the Press has weighed in this morning: The Daily News ”President Obama Failed to Sell His Budget Plans to the American People, The Associated Press “Analysis: Teleprompter telegraphs Obama caution”, , Detroit Free Press ”President Obama isn’t Funny” , and a very cutting, pre-conference piece from the New York Times, ”Obama Selling His Economic Plans on the Airwaves, Again”.

Of special interest, the clip below from YouTube, in which the President takes a question from a CBS Correspondent, who repeatedly asks about saddling future generation with the deficit: One must notice the expressions on correspondents during the Q&A, they are hardly sitting rapt with attention rather appear to be as bored or unbelieving as a growing majority of the public.

The budget, something that normally does not compel a sitting President to hire people to canvas neighbors for support, , hit the talk show circuit, and take his teleprompter to the people during prime time, will be a test of sorts for this President. Should his budget be pared down, by members of his own party, it will signal a weakness that is already perceived by those in the press. Additionally, there are problems with votes of “no confidence” coming from both Europe and Asia in regards to future investments in the U.S. Dollar under this administration (a point brought up in the press conference). Is it fair to be so critical of the President as his tenure has been so short? The answer is resoundingly yes – Barack Obama sold the Middle Class a “Bill of Goods”, touting his ability to offer a smooth transition, bi-partisan support in Washington (no one truly believed that one), and he’s the crux, that a man who had limited experience, none in governing, would be able to handle the job. That said, it is every single American’s hope that our President will rise to the occasion and accomplish what he promised: middle class tax cuts, transparency in government and trimming the fat from the budget.

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Lisa :) said...

I agree with you! Obama was extremely boring and he certainly did not connect with the people on any level. I find it amusing how Obama gets so darn flustered when asked a difficult question..

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