Monday, March 23, 2009

CBS and the New York Times offer Early Criticism of Obama Administration – Analysis

The Sunday edition of the New York Times featured Paul Krugman despairing over Obama’s economic policies, a piece by Tobin Harshaw, entitled: “Weekend Opinionator: Obama’s Communication Breakdown” and finally a piece by none-other than Maureen Dowd , “Toxic R US”, telling her readers she is “wondering if the wrong Obama is in the Oval”. The President has faced growing media criticism in the past two months, however, not from his stalwart defenders, the New York Times and CBS News – this is something new. It is not like the Times has, in the past, “followed the crowd”, and rather appeared to be invested in an old title: “The Paper of Record” – what gives?

Over at CBS, the weekly “magazine” “60 Minutes, featured an interview with Obama and anchor, Steve Kroft – in the interview (Transcript her via Politico) an incredulous Kroft asks Obama if he is “Punch Drunk” after the President chuckled during questions raised on the economy.
It is almost as if these two media giants have finally caught on that the general public has severe reservations about their commander in chief. An interesting piece over at the blog Hillbuzz, asks “Whatever Happened To that New Kind of Politics” , referring to Obama’s campaign promise of playing well with others once elected. The comments thus far are revealing, as this particular blog garners visitors from right, left and center, and with very few exceptions, there is a lot of angst about the new Commander in Chief’s abilities to govern effectively. This could be any right-wing Republican blog, but it’s not – it is a blog written by Hillary Clinton supporters in, of all places, Chicago, Democrats who sound – conservative. Or, more to the point, well written and impeccably researched, the blog is penned by normal people who have had their doubts since day one. (Suggested daily reading).

One has to question when the final nail will be hammered into the Obama Media Popularity Coffin – the answer: When MSNBC’s crew begins to get testy. Seriously, it should be obvious to the press and to the rest of the world that a greater division now exists between the people and the government – and by and between political parties in the United States than at any other time in history – and this includes the era of the Bush Administration. Who would have ever, in their wildest dreams, beloved that a progressive Democrat President would make George W. Bush look like one of the best and brightest to sit in the oval office in decades? That may be one of Obama’s greatest achievements, elevating the legacy of George W. Bush.

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