Friday, March 27, 2009

Massachusetts Governors Seat up for Grabs in 2010 – Mass. Governor Duval Patrick - Approval Rating Sinks to 28%

Massachusetts Governor, Duval Patrick, is currently enjoying an approval rating of 28% - this according to a recent poll conducted by Survey USA. The Poll, sponsored by WBZ-TV Boston, was comprised of 600 adults, and show a margin of sampling error of +-3.8%. The Respondents political affiliation roughly mirrors the make-up of the electorate: with 15% Republican, 40% Democrat and 41% Independent respondents (actual makeup: 35% Democrat 51% Independent). 82% of those polled who disapprove considered themselves to be Conservative, with 71% considering themselves to be moderates (Republican and Democrat Party Affiliation), 74% of those disapproving served in the armed forces, with 68% believing that a draft is necessary, 70% attend religious services regularly with 69% of those who disapprove indentified as gun owners – 56% of the respondents polled were from the Boston area, with only 24% polling from Worcester and Western Massachusetts.

Patrick, a Democrat, campaigned on a platform of “Hope and Change”, promising middle class tax cuts and increased prosperity to Massachusetts residents. Patrick, gained the seat with the help of political advisor, David Axelrod, who also engineered the career of Barack Obama. Patrick has come under intense scrutiny lately for his proposal to raise the Massachusetts State gas tax to .19 per gallon, in order to bail out the corrupt and bloated Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

How likely is it that Patrick will be re-elected? Respondents to a Suffolk University Poll chose little known state Treasurer Tim Cahill (D), to replace Patrick, although, to date, there have been no announcements as to his candidacy.

On the lighter side - upon release of the Suffolk Poll, Jennifer Nassour, Massachusetts Republican Chair, issued the following statement:

"I congratulate Gubernatorial Front Runner Tim Cahill on his new status - certainly he needed some good news. This poll shows the people of Massachusetts are tired of the ethical lapses and waste in state government. The Massachusetts Republican Party stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of the Commonwealth in believing we need to clean up the mess on Beacon Hill by cutting spending, ending no-show jobs and lowering taxes."

The question now remains; which Republican (there are several names being bandied about, including Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown), will run against Patrick. Christy Mihos, Cape Code Businessman and Independent, has already thrown his hat in the ring. Mihos, ran against the Patrick, and Republican Kerry Healy in 2006, earning 7% of the vote. Mihos, however, ran the most memorable ad of the entire campaign, (YouTube shown below) one which could easily be resurrected today, as the same problems Massachusetts faced in 2006, have actually worsened under the leadership of Patrick.

In the final analysis, the biggest shocker of the poll is not the Governors low approval rating, rather the fact that the majority of respondents, regardless of ethnicity or party affiliation, consider themselves to be conservative or moderate, in the state that is considered “The Blues State”. Those conservatives, who, for years, have felt like “red headed step sisters” with each and every passing election, are hoping that the National GOP will finally turn its attention to Massachusetts and, to use our current Presidents favorite euphemism, “invest”, in Massachusetts.

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