Monday, April 06, 2015

The Contender – Rand Paul to Announce 2016 Candidacy on Tuesday 4/7/15

Rand Paul, Senator from the State of Kentucky will be announcing his candidacy tomorrow. A preview of his announcement is now on YouTube - See below.

The Wall Street Journal article ”Rand Paul’s challenge, charting his own course”, suggests that as a candidate, Paul may find difficulty in straddling two factions of the GOP base – however, as a Libertarian leaning Republican who defies traditional stomping grounds, and courts a diverse electorate, one might suggest just the opposite – the man is being himself. (Tiring comparison to his father is just that).

From watching the contest take shape, he is nothing but original in his presentation, and his pragmatic approach to making decisions. One might find him more George Washington than say Reagan, which, to this mind, is most refreshing. As the two most interesting and outspoken candidates will be in the race as of Tuesday (Cruz and Paul), this 2016 primary and subsequently the general, will be treated to the best of debates, perhaps in history. Both men have exemplary oratory skills; however, Paul’s appeal is across many platforms, while Cruz appeals to that evangelical – right. Paul and Cruz both stress Liberty, however, for now, this Libertarian leaning blogger feels that Paul who best suits a nation that is in sore need of a pragmatist. One that will work within the framework of the constitution while deliberating (not at the speed of a turtle mind you), before committing to a decision. Refreshing! Although yet to formally announce; Perry, Rubio and a host of others, Paul is the one to watch, in my humble opinion

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