Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Rand Paul – the Truly Transformative Candidate

The announcement made by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, was one of the most inspirational speeches and pre speech that one might witness in a lifetime. The entire ceremony is included on video at - it is well worth the watch – from those who came forward leading up to the speech, from every walk of life, race, creed, color, in support of this man, to the candidate himself, who brought sincere and inspiring light to this moment. It is what we might hope for in a President – one that is pragmatic, one who is concerned with the people, one who is not about to let us fear those who would harm us.

Those naysayers (or more nicely put, those how also seek this position on both sides of the aisle and a press that is not necessarily in-sync with Rand Paul’s messaging, will of course, make a clip here or there, but the truth will out. From this vantage point, in listening to stump speeches from JFK through the last election cycle, there has been much lacking in candidates – one votes and holds their nose, lacking enthusiasm. Finally a candidate who inspires, and demands that we, as a nation, stand up and be counted.

One might refer to historical figures by way of comparison, George Washington, Ronald Regan, or even JFk, when speaking of the makeup of Candidate Paul, but they would fall short. He is an inspirational, unapologetic, and brave man – one we should be grateful for. One that is taking his time and life to help the nation. Yes, this blogger has supported a slew of candidates in the past, but, honestly, not one of them has truly inspired. That changed yesterday. Watch the cspan video – uncut, it will belie the naysayers, and perhaps, just perhaps, make a believer out of you too.

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