Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Rand Paul set to Announce 2016 Candidacy today – Lurking in the Shadows – “Swift Boat” Group (Beltway 501C who benefited Bush in Kerry Contest)

Rand Paul will announce his 2016 candidacy today, in Louisville, KY(WBALTV). Meanwhile, back in the shadows (sort of) is the GOP Hawks (so called) set to ruin Rand Paul’s big day, according to Bloomberg. The gist:

The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, a 501(c)(4) group led by veteran Republican operative Rick Reed, will go live with its campaign against Paul on Tuesday, while the senator is in Louisville, Kentucky, announcing his presidential candidacy. The group will begin airing ads on broadcast TV, cable and the Web in several early primary states accusing Paul of being weak on Iran and tying him to the Barack Obama administration’s Iran policy….

The scale of the campaign is remarkable this early on in a primary fight, and reflects not only the depth of the hostility toward Paul’s worldview among many conservatives but also the prominence of national security in the 2016 cycle.

This is not the first major campaign Reed has influenced from the outside. He was the architect of the 2004 “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth” campaign that attacked John Kerry’s national-security record and credentials. His new campaign against Paul will be bigger than even that effort, he said. “Foreign policy has the potential to be as big in this campaign as it was in 2004 or even greater,” Reed said. “To me, given the state of the world, that’s a good thing.”

Tuesday’s ad will hit airwaves in states that are part of Paul’s rollout, including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Reed said. The millions committed to the early effort ensure that Paul’s deviation from the Republican field on foreign policy will be among the top issues used to illustrate his alleged divergence from the Republican voting public.

Not requiring much of a hint as to where this is coming from – one might see this as the standard GOP doing their standard Beltway GOP’s favorite sons (i.e. Bush Family) a favor in trying to oust a threatening candidate before they get off the ground – so to speak. In any event, it is reminiscent of the attacks made on other candidates in the past to clear the way for say – Mitt Romney. This group would better serve their country by holding their fire for the big game letting chips fall where they may.

The ad is said to be a typical scare and terrorize – heavy toned piece with accusations against the Kentucky Senator which are, at best a stretch(Politico) – in truth, those types of ads, turn people off, rather than on to the party at all – O’Malley and Clinton are hoping for their success in this endeavor, because it will not do the GOP, and any of their candidates a whit of good.

Paul, however, is at his best when shown this type of garbage, so anticipate the Senator to stand up to these GOP bullies.

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