Monday, October 06, 2014

Media Readies for Inevitable – GOP control of Both Houses of Congress – the back end of Lack of Trust in Government.

A recent AP/GFKpoll suggests that American’s, in general, do not trust the government to keep them “safe”, and or help them out in a crisis. (AP). In reading the polling data, it crosses all party lines, and is pretty damming to the theory that Big Government is better government.

Which leads one to the mid-terms and beyond – the Washington Post (not unlike the New York Times and other media outlets this morning, is suggesting that the Republicans will surely take both Houses of Congress – citing 2006 as an example – the year when the Democrats took control of both house due to Bush unfavorability. (Washington Post)

Yet, somehow that does not cover the magnitude of what may take place this November, even with a lower turnout than expected, one might see what the word Tsunami cannot convey. Noting that the President’s policies are on the board in this election (paraphrasing form one of the many articles on the latest gift from the President to the GOP), the most unimaginable has taken place – the rank and file of the party has gone missing, leaving only the 27-29% of diehard Progressives to carry the banner forward.

Somehow, the two short years between 2014 and 2016 are looking more and more interesting, in that perhaps, for the first time in recent history, the GPO might put forth a candidate that has some actual credibility with their multifaceted base – and should that happen, and it is quite possible given those named (with glaring exceptions – Bush, Romney, and Christie), this would bring the planets of the Congress into alignment for decades. According to Gallup Polling a shocking 76% of the nation believes we are on the wrong track. Given the mix of polling data and reality, the time has come for a revival – especially with the newer, younger GOP who are more concerned with the Constitutional Liberties of all citizens, than the usual Party Lines. One sees a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the past few general elections and the propensity of Candidates trying to blend in with - not differentiate from the other party.

Grab the popcorn, and pop the Champaign should the House gain seats on the GOP side, and the Senate bring in more than the 6 measly seats predicted. That said, should the President start to play ball with the Senate and the House, one might see a different sort of 2016 – one in which both parties become competitive. A man who is not without common sense, would see that a legacy is on the table, and possibly move to the center – in order to get things moving. However, that’s a stretch at this point.

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