Thursday, October 09, 2014

Baker Rising in the Bluest State – Point of No Return – Weld Style Governor on Deck for MA –

From the Boston Globe: an op-ed piece giving Baker the edge in the last debate – with a blow by blow account (read story here of where he bested the rest of the Candidates.

In addition new polling out suggests that Charlie Baker is over Coakley by sufficient points so that adding dead and illegible voters is now out of the questions. An Emerson Poll gives baker a 5 point lead, out of which he’ll need 2 points to compensate for the dead and additional voters, - he still wins. That takes into account the possibility that the dem’s will have time to pay attention to Martha, There are congressional races that may have odd outcomes, as in oddly enough the republican won! Richard Tisei, is one of “those” Republican’s that may be rightly walking the halls of Congress before long.

One can bet the house that Baker will be swinging his way to the nomination – given the serious advertising he has placed to attract, not the 12% republican base in the state, but the unenrolled and yes, he’s got the democrats on his side.

See YouTube video below.

Smart, very smart

Welcome to the new Massachusetts!

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