Friday, September 19, 2014

Scott Brown Leads Shaheen in new Polling – Significant Jump – Rove rants about Funding and potential Senate Loss

Two for one that are somewhat connected.

A vox populi polling released a new poll showing Scott Brown besting the incumbent by favorable numbers Although the polling firm is a Republican grounded firm (as in employees), they have a fairly decent tract record so far as calling a race. They had Eric Cantor in trouble prior to his significant loss to a man who had no money.

Which brings us to Karl Rove’s dire predictions on the Senate race published in the Wall Street Journal. Rove warns that the GOP is at a distinct cash advantage and Democrats are buying airtime over Republicans in key states.(WSJ)

One might be concerned if, those showing up at the polls were fewer and angrier than in most general elections. Additionally, between now and November, there is significant time for trends to change. That said, most of the nation does not know who to blame, but Congress. According to a new poll, most of those believe that Congress is controlled by Democrats! (Rasmussen) Add that to the President’s approval ratings, and one might think looking for six measly seats, may turn into find 12.

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