Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rand in San Fran – the Buzz – the Audacity!

The “Wire” asks can Rand Paul’s Brand play in San Fran?” in an article suggesting that he is stepping into territory not normally claimed by any GOP candidate – therefore, it’s about money. The Washington Post suggests much the same thing, while intoning “Why Rand Paul is opening an office in Northern California – obviously the money and the libertarians that live there.

They may be partly right, given that no-one knows the real reasons behind what the man does, except for – Rand Paul, however, maybe, just maybe, he’s onto something. Yes, California is not one of the first states to vote in any primary in the general elections, and yes, they do have Silicon Valley which has both the cash and liberty minded folk. However, it may also be true that one might go where no-one goes, simply to cash in on more fans, to find common ground and dialog with those thought to be totally closed minded and unable to communicate across an aisle. He is building bridges rather than putting up fences and regardless of the level of successes in this “blue” state, at least he is trying.

How many voters in state not New Hampshire or Iowa or South Carolina ever see an actual live candidate or potential candidate? – Very few. Heck, over here in Massachusetts, it’s like sighting a duck-billed moose. They fly over, drive through, but do not necessarily stop and actually talk to the people. One party believes it owns the Commonwealth, the other party, well; they wait until the tide turns and the Governor’s office is up for grabs (GOP and Democrats hold that office equally). That said the last candidate for a presidential primary that came to the Bay State was Hillary Clinton – good for her.

Hopefully Rand Paul inspires others to take a side road and visit those who live in entrenched areas, they may be surprised. Most “blue “states have one thing in common, an unequal amount of Democrats to Republicans and an overwhelming amount of “unenrolled, other party, independents” – those who will change minds or hearts. So, take the 3 electoral votes from New Hampshire and drive down the road, and possibly snag 9 or 10 from Massachusetts, it may make the difference. Logic dictates otherwise, and besides closed door, high ticket, campaign diner parties, the likelihood of any of the not yet and potential candidates of stopping in the Bay State to visit is admittedly slim. However, it is still admirable to treat California as if it were, say, any other state where the ordinary guy on the street gets to say hello to a possible future president.

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