Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3 Afghan Soldiers Grabbed by ICE at Canadian Border – Terror Seeking or Seeking Asylum?

The three Afghan Soldiers who skipped out on the Bay State National Guard we’re stopped at the Canadian border.(Boston Heralds) They were detained by the Canadian Border Patrol(VOA News), and are now in the custody of I.C.E. (Worcester Telegram).

What this appears to be, on the surface, sans any conspiracy theories, given the opportunity to see a bit of the countryside, these three went to one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls, where they failed to, or did not desire to be in hiding. This is suggested by the manner in which they were easily nabbed by the Canadians. (Rather than any U.S. agency, which might suggest a standard policy for anyone out of the ordinary stepping across our border, see: southern border.) They were then taken by Immigration and customs agents, which would allow them to beg for asylum. Frankly, given the difference between the nations involved, one might suggest that the Afghans saw paradise and wanted to stay. They took a chance is getting a little tourism in before beginning what only can be a ridiculously dangerous process.

Of course, then again, this theory could be wrong, however, given the option of returning to a war torn nation, with a lousy climate, little entertainment, or chance of surviving past the age of 10, and staying in the US where one might get free everything, the later would be more appealing. As a society with all of its faults the U.S. is still the destination for those escaping poverty and politics worldwide, a safe haven if you will, giving opportunity to anyone, regardless of who one is, or is not.

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