Friday, May 02, 2014

Hillary Clinton & the Media – Love-Hate Relationship – Would give anyone Pause to Seek Higher Office

Whether or not one is politically for or against Hillary Clinton’s policies, one has to admit that this particular woman has taken a beating from the press. Regardless of any changes in attitudes during the past 100 years towards women, the press, many of those members women themselves, berated Clinton for what she wore, her hairstyles, personal life, rather than report on her political life. This was especially true in 2008 when she won the popular vote in the primary, only to have it stripped away by her colleges in a super-majority vote at the Democrat Convention – giving all to one Barak Obama. It did not hurt Obama one bit that the press was more than devoted to the one-term state legislator, turned one-term Senator – they threw Hillary under the bus before it even arrived.

Therefore it is no startling revelation when Polticio runs a story on Hillary Clinton and her distaste for the “media” – quoting one associate: ““Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.”(Politico)

Herein lays the crux of the matter, anyone who is brave enough to enter the fray of national politics is either a quart short on reality or extremely dedicated – but of all the attributes and or less than desirable traits any one candidate may or may not have, the one thing is certain, the press, who has its own agenda, will lift them up or tear them down, depending on the movement and the talking points handed down by an editorial board.

Although one believes that Hillary Clinton would most likely be teaching at Harvard than running for the Office of the President again, it would mean to a woman who has devoted her life to that office, her husband, daughter and constituents, open for yet another shellacking by both the press, and this time an Obama weary nation who is looking for the next shiny new toy another term comes to mind – masochist. Seriously, hate is such a strong word, perhaps reasonable dislike of the entire bunch – right or left would be more appropriate to the situation.

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