Monday, May 05, 2014

Rand Paul, the Kentucky Derby & Foreign Policy

The Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, a likely 2016 Presidential candidate, went to the Kentucky Derby this weekend – and invited, as a guest, Rupert Murdoch. The event was covered in some detail by the New York Times, although not as a society piece – between the descriptions of traditional Kentucky Derby couture (a la, page 6 of the Post), the Times brought up the political ramifications associated only with Republicans – and Rupert Murdoch.the New York Times – Undoubtedly, the Times failed to mention that Republican’s aside, there are Democrats that Murdoch holds in some esteem – namely Hillary Clinton (also a possible 2016 candidate). (Fox News).

Paul, a prolific fund raiser may have invited Mr. Murdoch for more than say, a Republican Blessing.

The Washington Post then, seriously, asks the question: "What is Rand Paul is right about foreign policy”? - Apparently, polling suggest that Senator Paul is on the right side of the majority of Americans, including Democrats and Independents – the most amazing aspect of this poll discover, according to the Post is the fact that Republicans’ are equal in the mix of those wishing less direct involvement in foreign escapades. (Washington Post).

Of course, if history were taught at Public and Private Institutions those in the “know” would recall that George Washington was of the same mind as Senator Paul.

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