Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Scott Brown – Compared to Daniel Webster – Ted Cruz – Heads to Liberty – The Natural Order of Politics and the U.S. Constitution

There is much ado about Scott Brown, former Senator from Massachusetts now living in New Hampshire and potentially seeking the Senate Seat in the Granite State. A piece in the Concord Monitor suggests that this maybe the natural order of all things political in the states that made up the beginnings of the United States – the article entitled “Daniel Webster Scott Brown - Can you tell them apart”? is chock full of Brown’s quotes – and one sees the resemblance in the thought process of a thoughtful Senator . (Concord Monitor) The problem with Brown is the lack of support for anyone in politics who happens to run contrary to the standard Political Party dogma, the left-media dogma, and happens to have a bit of Constitutionalism in mind. Darn, someone is seeking a seat, who believes in doing the will of the people!

Similarly, Ted Cruz, the much maligned by his party, the media, the other party, also a Constitutionalist, is headed for Liberty University – shocking to some who believe that Liberty U, the Christian University in the U.S., is a right-wing bastion of all things socially-morally acceptable to the status quo(Washington Post). With a long history of conservatives of all strips giving speeches, commencement addresses and the like, Liberty is yet another spot on the college trail for politicians doing outreach to the youth vote. In today’s society, however, anything that isn’t secular is obviously odd. This given the interpretation of the 1st amendment as meaning “no religion allowed” rather than its intent, giving citizens freedom to choose any religion they please, without fear of a state religion overruling their religious beliefs. Therefore, the media can now brand Senator Cruz as both a “Tea Party” and Religious Right” individual, who is in no-way qualified (due to the aforementioned) to hold public office.

The problem both of these very different individuals have is that they share a common denominator – a belief in the constitution and the role given to the Citizenry and governing – as it was written, rather than how it is interpreted for convenience of one political school of thought. The same may be said of Rand Paul, the 2016 Presidential front-runner (according to polling at the moment), who is wedded as well to the Constitution but from a Libertarian point of view. In this Commonwealth, those holding the Constitution in the same regard, are considered “Jeffersonian Republican’s” a growing segment of the Party, none too pleasing to those who would prefer – a more moderate approach, let’s say.

Good for these men, and good for anyone holding the same core ideologies and good for the country, overall, were we fortunate enough to have more leaders of the same ilk.

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