Friday, March 28, 2014

Rand Paul – Network in 50 States - Message – Take Me Seriously – and We All Should

The Washington Post’s article yesterday outlined Rand Paul’s networking operations, which are extensive, in an article titled “Rand Paul Building National Network Courting Mainstream support for Presidential Bid” (Washington Post). The article outlines Paul’s efforts at building a 50-state support group focused on fundraising, and goes on to suggest that there are others with the same plans – yet no one has ever move so quickly in any recent election memory. The fact that Paul is becoming a successful fundraiser, through all channels, should send a clear message to the national GOP and other detractors that he is capable of running as a national candidate. What is not mentioned is his enormous appeal to those millennial, who have been waiting for an icon – and they have found one in the Kentucky Senator. That enthusiasm puts boots on the ground in every state of the union. Include members of both political parties, and include Libertarian and Tea Party supporters and one can well imagine what Paul can accomplish by the time 2014 comes to a close (or the official start of the 2016 Presidential Sweepstakes.

What might be most appealing to those who despise the political dynasty bids, and those bids by both parties for the “came in second last time, will be the frontrunner this time”, is that Paul is, in a word, fresh. He does have a family political name, but from his Libertarian father, who ran unsuccessfully as both a Libertarian and a Republican for the highest office. That, in a nutshell, does not compare to the Clinton or Bush Dynasties – in any way, shape or form. His appeal extends beyond the millennial, as his message appeals to women (wait, he’s against women if one is on the left, but, it now rings similar to a boy who cried wolf – women are concerned about their pocketbooks.)

It will be interesting as it unfolds and the inside bickering develops – as Paul is a take no prisoners legislature, expect the same in a campaign. This lends to the appeal, rather than the usual nonsense seen in both parties general election process.

Therefore, as he becomes more mainstream, and as he positions himself to appeal to the base – pick a base – his positions transcend – his demeanor is sincere. That is why he will be the frontrunner, for now, and depending on how the right reacts (and the standard bearer for the National GOP), he may well be the frontrunner through the end. It may happen regardless of any support or sabotage from the National Party – perhaps, just perhaps, the people will surprise them, and their chosen candidates and for once, those of us who have been holding our noses to pull a lever for someone who just might do the nation some good, will finally get the chance.

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